Show us your 13-16 year old setups and equipment!

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Exmarkboy13, Jul 14, 2011.

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    How is it creating trouble to ask questions like : He hired you with no insurance? What if you damage a car in the parking lot? Is that coming directly out of your pocket? It does not make sense to think that you can go on forever without damaging anything! Nobody asks if you are liscensed? What if your truck breaks down? You just going to quit going to your accounts? Nobody is going to rent to a 13 year old. Who does your collections? Who does your accts payable? Do you pay any taxes or just pocket all the profit. My point is - there is a big difference between cutting grass and owning a business.
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    ok, alot of this isnt your business, but ill let you in on alittle, ok??

    1) I use an atv to get my stuff around, i have a lawn tractor i used this season as a backup.
    2)quickbooks and my brain handles a lot of my stuff.:hammerhead:
    3) as far as breaking things, im the only one working on that account, and if something breaks, cash is king.
    4) since your probally gonna be a smart arse about my R.O.W account, is a big open feild with electrical transmission lines in it. Nothing to break!!:laugh:

    any other questions, feel FREE to ask :dizzy::waving:
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    and also, im gonna get insurance when i legally can, i know this cant "go on forever" . also look at my work, im not one of those guys who "makes tall grass short" lol
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    He does have a valid point with no insurance but I am not feedind the fire. Congrats to all of you and starting your businesses so young. Just make sure you do it all right when you are "legal". I started when I was your age. Hell I joined this site at a young age, but look at my thread and look how far my company has come. Its not the biggest and best, nor do I ever want it to be the biggest, but only the best. Hard work and determination pays off, but just make sure you don't miss out on your childhood, because we all know how much this business takes away from our lives.
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    OK I'm going to call BS on all this. You use an ATV to pull a 5 x10 trailer around town to do 30 residentials and two commercials at 13 years of age. Call me an arse all you want - I just don't believe it. I guess there are no traffic cops were you live, you would get arrested in my town for taking that death trap out on to the road. I am finished with this thread. Good luck on not damaging anything for 5 years with your ATV 5x10 trailer setup. A video of you pulling up to the strip mall and working it alone would be the only thing that would make me believe this crock.
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    differance lawn - I kiinda agree with you. I remember when I started at that age - not a one account would look at me. Even today some our big commerical accounts ask for big $$ insurance for liability. I cant even have guys run certain power equipment due to age. I am not sure how owner is treated but one would think 13 owner vs 13 worker - there really is no difference.

    As far as the 4 wheeler thing - so be it but whether you have an 1980 or 2013 truck there is a difference of professional when showing up to an account vs a 4 wheeler.

    Yes its great a 13 year old is out working but I would be advised to watch your horn toting a bit.
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    hey im not gonna say anything anymore. in the spring, ill start a new work thread and let the pictures speak .thanks. i dont have the patience to write everything out right now lol.

    also moderators, if you could shut this thread down (since i created it) thank you very much.
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    you have to click the little red thing in the corner of the post to get the thread deleted.
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    I dont get it - you started it now you want out so therefore delete this thread??

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