Showed the guys the boss can build too!!!

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by jrmyj, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. jrmyj

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    I decided to take on a backyard project at my house by myself without my guys and friends which I would have definatley taken in a heartbeat but it's amazing how everyone disappears until the need something. It took me a about 3 weeks from start to finish and some very late nights with spot lights out and a ton of hand blisters (my hands must have gotten soft) but I am happy with the end result. There are some flaws but only that I notice. I will admit I was a little rusty. But the guys were impressed and I think it gained their respect a bit and got my wife to quit bugging me why I can build something for everyone else but never for her.

    Jeremys job before pavers 2 - Copy.jpg

    Jeremys job before pavers - Copy - Copy.jpg

    jeremy finished photo - Copy (2) - Copy.jpg
  2. jrmyj

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    I forgot I did have some help by my 3 y/o even though he kept digging up my base. lol

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    Thanks for sharing.
  5. zedosix

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    Why are your steps only 4" rise, don't you find that is a bit shallow?
  6. jrmyj

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    I was going to do 7 but I liked the look better with 4. I'm 5'9" with short legs and I cursed my five kids with the short disease so it's more comfortable. I wouldn't do this for a customer because of code and they are strict around here.
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  7. scagrider22

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    Not too bad for your own house but I wouldn't put the Brussels in the seat wall that far apart (verticle ones) and the joints are off on the wall under the deck. Also the steps as mentioned before. Fire pit looks good but what is it sitting on, it looks like it has Brussels under it spaced apart?
  8. jrmyj

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    Good eye on the pit and the wall. The pit is sitting on belgard 3 piece. I got to the point of cutting corners since it was my house and it was consuming me so I did'nt cut the base coarse. The wall under the deck was done with spot lights and caught the joints the next day after the glue was set so there was no way I was tearing that apart. The verts are 4" spacing. Thats personal preferance. I like the bigger spacing to make it more prominante. Like I said there are some flaws but as a solo project I'm pretty happy with it. To that point I hadn't placed a stone in over a year because Ive been so busy with the designs, bidding and business aspect so it was slow going for a bit.
  9. meets1

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    I like it. You guys are pretty fast to judgement though.

    Side note - always good for the bossman to get out in the field and actually show the boys that yes I can!!
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    I'm not really giving him crap for the job, I think it looks nice but it's always good to have your competitors point out flaws large or small. It's like a friendly competition to see who does the best work, it also helps you step up your quality on each job...if you care about your work?

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