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    hey didnt get any posts no this from commercial forum so figure trying it here. i have heard of people building these i believe. nothing big, just something to shread leaves and small branches. i would imagine it would take a 6hp engine? how about the rest of it. would be a great deal of use for its a lot easier to bag chopped up leaves and chopped up twigs then not ot have it chopped.
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    Chipper/Shreaders can be quite dangerous, are you sure it's worth building one and having the liability if someone were to get hurt? I suggest checking out We had one and it was amazing at how small the unit was and what it could handle. Ours was tractor mounted behind a 21hp tractor though. The smallest unit is around $600, well worth the money not to design, build one, and be liabile for the design.
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    I have several leaf shredders : 2 5hp RotoHoes, a 8 hp Sears,
    Just bought a used 8hp RotoHoe. I would look at the 12 hp MTD
    at home depot about $600 new.The Rotohoe doesnot throw stuff.. Mckissic makes afine shredder 8 Hp machine.

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