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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by yardboyltd, Feb 3, 2003.

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    I'm modifiying my service agreement. I've come into some problems about wording the shrub work. The agreement is setup where i mow and weedeat reguarily and edge and do shrubs as needed. This could be ever week in the spring, or ever other visit if the shrubs aren't grow'n fast and aren't shaggy... How can i word this in the in the agreement that shrubs will be trimmed as needed, but worded in such a way to give the customer peace of mind and doesnt' feel at my mercy.
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    Shrubbery doesnt need tending to the same way mowing does.

    I offer cleints 3 options for pruning and shearing:
    A.)Once per season to be rendered in June
    B.)Twice per year - once in May and again in October
    C.)4xs per year - shrubs are trimmed to retain the existing height and shape of the shrubs every six weeks beginning in may and ending in October.
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    I agree w/ crew. We really offer 1X per season usually June/July or fall if preferred, or 2X's per season June and again October. I have afew w/ forsythia, or wisteria that like those pruned up to 6X's per year.

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    Trimming of Shrubs, Hedges & Oak Trees: 6-4 times yearly, certain shrubs may not be trimmed in the winter months; trimming shall be performed in a manner that is healthy & beneficial to the plant. Oak Tree branches kept to 7-8 feet above ground height.

    Of Coarse the exact number of trims Should be up to the cust the above is a general statement we have which is tailored to the exact customer after the interview which we ask " how many trims ???? monthly .... bi month .... or spring/fall" each event is going to effect your monthly cost or how ever the billing is set up
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    We include a line in the agreement that says, Beds& Hedges, then describes what we do and out to the side lists the number of serivces per year. This allows the customer to increase or decrease the number of times when the work is done. We also charge per service when the work is done.

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