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    Anyone know of a good shrub for shade- partial sun, sandy soil, zone 4-5, that will work as a hedge? A child lives at the residence so unfortunatly roses or anything with sharp thorns isn't an option.
  2. bbpropmaint

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    how about a traditional boxwood?? also evergreen..first thing that comes to mind for me
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    If by "good", you mean hardy, my experience with boxwood has certainly been that. Virtually indestructable, it seems to me. At the time I bought my current home in 1985, it was already 18 or 19 years old, and the original owner had planted a boxwood that was never trimmed and therefore overgrown when I took over. I wrapped a chain around it and yanked it out of the ground with my pickup. I was going to take it down to the dump, but instead I chain-sawed the top off of what was left after pulling it out of the ground and then used an ax to divide the roots into three and planted them a couple of feet apart along the side of the house. All three grew and merged together, and today it's a 9-foot wide hedge. It grows so vigorously every year that it's hard to keep it trimmed. I'll send you a photo if you want to see it.
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    just a quick question. how are you a certified landscape designer and not know what shrubs to put it?
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    No kidding, it does raise an eyebrow.

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    Just because im a certified designer doesnt mean I have first hand expierience with all plants in all conditions. Its always nice to have a few other suggestions on maybe a plant thats more hardy that someone has had first hand expierience with. Or perhaps a plant that I wouldn't normally consider. Thats why generally most landscape designers work in teams, a suggestion of something different could open up a whole new range of possibilities.
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    Try Prunus laurocerasus 'schipkaensis', skip laurel. Or rhodo maximums, or I have even used Taxus in dry, part shade conditions. Let us know what you decide on.

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    ended up with mountain laurel and on the ends some bugbane for a little something diffrent. Thanks!

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