shrub removal and fill dirt questions

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  1. mad_wrestler

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    Shrub/tree removal and grading question


    I have a customer that wants some work done. Here are the numbers.

    He needs 4 flower beds reclaimed.

    1. 15' x 5' with overgrowth and one small tree (3 in diameter) needs removal
    2. 24' x 5' with overgrowth
    3. 21' x 5' with overgrowth 2 Arbos (15') and 9(5' x 6') Chinese Variegated Privets need removal
    4. 10' x 3' with overgrowth


    There are three areas where the customer needs to add top soil

    1. 24' x 15' x 4" with two bushes requiring removal
    2. 21' x 45' x 4" with two magnolia tree (12') requiring removal.
    3. 29' x 10' x 6"

    He also wants 48' of 4' chain link fence removed as well. The fence posts (9)are in concrete.

    I will remove the bushes, trees, and fence using truck, chain and winch. Then haul them off. I will have dirt delivered (22 yds.) and will spread and level with our tractor. What would be your best "guess"timate on this job. I have it like this

    1. $150 dump fees and removal from site
    2. $130 tree removal
    3. $315 bush removal
    4. $140 bed cleanup and weed removal
    5. $600 dirt delivery and spread
    6. $200 for fence removal

    Totaling $1535. Does this look and sound about right?
  2. sheshovel

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    NO your low on your bed clean-up and your dump fees and your tractor work.
  3. mad_wrestler

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    What adjustments would you reccomend?
  4. LB1234

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    I would think about a steer or something with a grapple bucket. Should be able to rip all the fences and shrubs right out of the ground. Think about having a 20-30 yd dumpster on site for all the material instead of going back and forth with your truck/trailer.

    I'd figure for 2-3 days of work at about 1k per day. I would figure about dbl what you have as an estimate.
  5. Electra_Glide

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    Around here, screened topsoil goes for about $22/ton delivered. I use 1.5 tons/yd, so you're looking at about 33 tons (one and a half tri-axles). That would cost me about $725 just to have the dirt delivered.

    I like LB's idea about the dumpster and skid steer. Figure somewhere between $300-$350 for the dumpster. Skid-steers go for about $300-$325 a day (delivery included). Use the machine to rip it all out and everything goes in the dumpster.

    You said you have a tractor. I assume it has a front-end loader. If so, you could substitute it for the skid-steer, but I would still leave that money in your estimate (machine time ain't free). A grapple bucket would make things go much faster, but isn't absolutely necessary. My guess is half a day to rip everything out and get it into the dumpster, and half a day to get the topsoil spread. Then another half day to do any hand-work (final raking, clean-up, etc.).

    Are you doing anything else besides ripping out and regrading? Any seeding or sodding? How's access to the site? How close will they be able to dump the topsoil?

    Assuming you're not doing any seeding or sodding, and assuming you've got decent access, I would probably bid somewhere between $2200-$2500.

    Joe Kantz

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