Shrub Trimming Cleanup-without breaking the bank!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by greengal, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. greengal

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    from Indiana
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    Just wondering if anyone has used any of the automated equipment out there for clean up of their shrub trimming jobs. Normally, we trim the shrubs, blow the debris out into the lawn and hand rake into a tarp then load on the truck. Next season, I've picked up 2 more contracts and need a more efficient method of clean-up. I've researched billy goat model, and a few others but haven't had anyone in the biz actually comment. Any input would be great!:)
  2. Az Gardener

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    We do a lot of shrub trimming, mostly selective trimming though. So we grab a branch make the cut and toss the branch in the can or on the burlap. If its power hedging we lay burlap's down below and then pick them up we also use the Stihl hand held blower/Vac and just keep the vacume tube attached if the situation is such that laying down burlap's is not practical.

    I grew up in Sweetser, where are you?
  3. Oxmow

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    I cut the hedges, shrubs or whatever and blow the debris away into the lawn and pick it up with my 21" or my hustler 251K.
  4. Uranus

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    I trim the bushes quickly rake out the woody trimmings, blow out all the leaves and small stuff, bulk out the clippings and mow over the rest bagging it. Then a quick pick up of whats left in lawn and blow the rest in the beds and hide it. It may seem like alot of work reading it but it works pretty quickly.

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