Shrub Trimming customer complaint what to do ?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by turf source2, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Ok I did some shrub trimming work for some customers who live side by side in town home retirement community that I do every now and then not a regular account. Anyway haven't done their bushes for a couple of years so went out did the work they did not ask me what the charge would be before hand and now one of them isn't happy with the work and both of them are unhappy with the price I charged. I am planning on going back out tommorrow to do it over for no extra charge since they are not happy but should I give them a discount since they are unhappy about the work and the price? Or just fix the problem with the bushes and move on and not worry about what I charged them I also explaind that I have raised my prices in two years.
  2. FuturePilot4u

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    stick to the price, fix what they want, say goodbye also "tomorrow" seems to be 1 of the most misspelled words ever.
  3. agm

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    You should never do work for people without giving them a price first because of that reason. I have had customers tell me to do work and just send them a bill but, I tell them right away that I am still going to give them an estimate first. They either like it or they don't. And discounting the price, well, probably not. Just keep your price the same and fix what's messed up.
  4. bodetsr

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    Can I ask how much you charged? If they didn't ask for an estimate beforehand, that's not your fault. If you've worked for them before, they must like your work. I would fix what they don't like, and move on.......try to leave them as happy as you can.
  5. RakenShovel

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    ALWAYS put money talk before the work. Otherwise, its too easy for someone to get you to do say '500 dollars worth of work" and then complain afterwards that they think it should only be 250.

    Name your price, have a little wiggle room, and then wait for the "OK" before doing work.
  6. CrewKut

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    Written estimate with their approval signature eliminates all confusion or excuses.

    Just because they didn't ask for a price doesn't mean you do not give them one first, before doing the work. It keeps everything on a professional level.

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    As my dad once told me, "suprises are great on your birthday and at Christmas but not in business."

    Id make sure to fix the problems and I might give them a small discount also.
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