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  1. I agree. I'm at $35/MH but that is strictly hand tool work no machines. I make anywhere from 50-75/MH and sometimes even more with machines. Keep in mind though, the $35/MH is for straight time meaning we don't give an estimate and base off that rate, it's that rate for however many hours are worked. Labor is a lot cheaper down here though.
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    I think the problem lies with people charging $60/hr regardless of how many guys on site because they hear $60/hr. Where you state $40-$50 PER MAN. So while that earlier $60/hr rate divided amongst the 3 guys is truly $20/man which is less that you say they should charge which in total in your scenario with 3 guys would be $120-$150/hr total. I often think the $60/hr is associated with solo operators and not sending employees out.

    I think there is much confusion on this site about PER HOUR and PER MAN HOUR. Someone may come here saying "I charge $100/hr" but fails to mention it's with 3 guys and gets lambasted by everyone about being a ripoff at $100/hr when its truly $33.33/hr/man. Or the other direction at say $45/hr but it's not mentioned that its PER MAN they get called low ball scum when it reality they are doing quite well.
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    Lukemelo216 I agree with your post. I'm currently creating a form that I can plug qty and sizes into to generate total man hours for a trimming/pruning job. I'm finding it difficult because you might have a few yews or boxwood scattered in small groupings on a property, then you could have 40' hedges of the same plant. How do you go about plugging those numbers into a spreadsheet? I feel it would be more cumbersome to count individual plants, rather than measuring linear ft of that particular type and size hedge. Do you have any suggestions?

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