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Shrub trimming frequency for a regional airport?


LawnSite Senior Member
Palmetto, GA
I'm bidding on a regional airport in town. Part of the bid is for shrub trimming...
I know there's a bunch of big shot rich people rolling through there, and it needs to look good all the time. I was thinking touch up on the hollies once/month and the smaller/newer shrubs every 2 months. What do you all think? I also figured we need to do bed maintenance/weed control once per month, and mulch/straw 2-3 times/year to keep it at its best.

They also want the shrubs fertilized...I guess I'll have to get a soil sample to quote them for that, but how often are you guys that actually get soil tests fertilizing 8 month old shrubs?

:drinkup:I'd appreciate your thoughts.


LawnSite Senior Member
As far as the work goes we have been finding that the more often we do trimming the less overall work we have to do for the year. I've been shooting for every 2 weeks run around and trim anything that you notice. Basically no mess to clean up and it keeps your shapes uniform. Plus it always looks good and on those weeks when you are behind because of the weather you can skip all the trimming for that week and no one notices.

Basically what I am saying is that time wise I think you will spend nearly the same amount of time on trimming if you you do it Once a year as you would if you did them 20 times a year.


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Here's a no BS answer. You're going to have to prune "as needed". they are not going to let you get away with 1-2 x /month. That means that if you have sheared shrubs like buford hollies, privet, eleagnus, etc. you could be pruning every week during the season. Look at Atrimec, it's pricey at $300/gal but it will eliminate pruning for the year.

As far as shrub fert, virtually no one will get a soil sample first, I don't care what they "claim". In your area, you can hit them with something like 8-10-10 (lesco) in April and May and be done. Figure roughly 4K sq ft /bag and just put it out by hand.