Shrub Trimming Job (before and after Pictures)

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by ArenaLandscaping, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. ProMaintenance

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    So last night I read this thread. I honestly had never heard of or seen a Japanese Maple trimmed in the manner of your pictures. Sure enough a client asked me this morning to take a hedge trimmer to a neglected 50 year old jap maple in his front yard. I just cringed and grabbed a saw and my felcos and did it the right way. When it comes to trees if i wouldn't do it in front of my arboriculture professor I wont do it.
  2. lmlawn

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    jap maples all look like that in RI....keep up the awesome work man!!
  3. ArenaLandscaping

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    Thanks man !!!
  4. weeze

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    i think they look awesome. that's how you want shrubs/trees around your house. very nice and tight and neat. you don't want them all bushy looking. people talk about natural? there's no such thing as natural trimming. in nature they are out in the woods and never ever get trimmed. you trim them to keep them neat around your house. and the mushroom look goes along well with the other shrubs. it would look dumb to keep the jap maples bushy looking while everything else was tight, neat, and smooth looking. there's nothing i hate more than a home with bushy looking shrubs and trees around it.

    i'm not saying there is a right or wrong way to trim them. maybe there is a better way but who cares? so what if they only live 50 years instead of 75. they look very healthy to me. so who knows. it really doesn't matter. the owner could easily afford to buy new ones to plant there to replace them when the time comes which will probably not even happen in the owner's lifetime.
  5. ArenaLandscaping

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    Thanks Jason !
  6. carloslawnmaintain57

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    They look great,Awesome Job u seen to pay attention to detail of this which is nice.U don't get much of that really today.
  7. ArenaLandscaping

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    Thanks !!!!
  8. Mark Oomkes

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    Any chance we can see a pic of them now that the leaves are off?
  9. ArenaLandscaping

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    Sure, but it will have to be sometime next week. I will be in that area and I will take a few pictures of all the japanese maples.
  10. LawnMan19

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    Yeah, I don't trim jap maples like that but their kind of neat looking like that, and if that's how their kept where your at I understand. And your other shrub work looks great.:)

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