shrub trimming rates

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cclllc, Oct 13, 2003.

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    shrub trimming rates
    I was wondering what the going rate was for trimming shrubs and cleanup.Do you charge by the hour or by the bush?I try to make x amount per hour on anything I do.Thanks.john
  2. sprout

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    :D Trimming is the easy part, cleanup takes the most time.
    This is how I do it-- small job 1/2hr $20
    big job - ladders,power trimmers,lot of debris
    to haul off, $ in my head. I never quote by the hour, by the job only. If access is difficult(lots of walking,up hill,down hill, around back whatever I add $25-$35 extra. Remember-- you can't lose money on the job you didn't get!
  3. HacMan91

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    I usually try make around $70 an hour. I usually bid the job on the amount of bushes and not an hourly rate. I use the $70 rate to check myself. Im usually a little higher than $70.
  4. Tomt

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    Initially I charged by the job, but there seemed to be something unforeseen in every job.
    Now I charge by the hour, $60.00 and I think that every one gets a better deal.
    On existing customers I can trim some or all and it may only cost .5 hours. For initial services there always seems to be other "special" trimmings, low limbs, palms etc. and the customer knows that trimming and debris removal are charged at the same rate.
    This way the customer has the option to dispose of debris or I can do it. I would rather just trim and some want that, some don't. the want the debris collected and removed. In most cases I would rather spend .5 hours trimming and not make the other .5 in clean-up.

    I changed to this pricing this year and so far so good.

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