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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JML, Apr 19, 2001.

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    Hello, one of my customers wants to replace some shrubs in her landscape. She wants some about 4 to 5 feet tall as a max. height but not very wide. Then she wants to fill another space and wants something around 2 to 3 feet tall. She does have an irrigation system. She is right on the beach in NJ. What would work the best? thanks

  2. JML

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    no one can help me?

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    Don't have sufficient knowledge of plant material in your zone, and even if I did, I'm sure beachfront plantings have their own special challenges, to which I'm not accustomed.

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    All I can suggest is look for plants with a wind tolerance, even if there is a dune there will still be lots of wind from any nor'easters that blow through...also obviously anything you use must have a salt tolerance, best bet is go to a local nursery and ask to speak to someone there, I did a small planting for my inlaws in Sea Side Park a few years back and thats what I did. On a funny mother in law thought she was doing me a favor when she had some arborvitae installed around thier pool and called a local contractor instead of asking me to drive down and do the install...she paid 7,000..yes that's right 7,000 for 28 emerald green arborvitae ..I told her anytime she wanted any planting done she should call me if she was willing to pay those way the real kicker is 6 of them died and her contractor is nowhere to be found...Silly people..OH YEAH ..trees were only 6-7 footers going in..makes me laugh everytime I think of it
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    Tolerance for salt spray is necessary. As I recall, Rugosa roses are tough enough to thrive at the beach. I know I have a list somewhere that lists more plants for the beach. If I come across it, I'll post it.
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    Here are several salt tolerant species:

    Pampas grass
    Hollywood Juniper
    Japanese Black Pine

    There are many more but any of these should work for your specs.

    Hope this helps.
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    I would go with ornamental grasses(many varieties and heights), mugo pines, Sand cherry trees. Also chokeberry, barberry, burning bushes, rose of sharon, broom,and inkberry. Rugosa is a good idea as stated above, but sometimes looks messy and unkept. Most junipers will work as well.

    Seacoast NH
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    Thank you for all your help..


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