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Shrubs...keep'em or chuck'em?


LawnSite Member
A local hospital asked me to bid on moving two shrub beds back about 45' from their existing location. Each bed has 10 Burning Bush (5'high) and 18/20 large juniper (4'high). Should I recommend transplanting them or put in new stuff?


Lawnsite Addict
For the size that you are looking at I would remove them and install new ones. Your job would look much nicer and cleaner (no holes in the junipers)


LawnSite Silver Member
I agree with Paul. Whenever it is possible I always try to sell a new installation. Usually we are able to show them renderings and/or designs as to how the new site would look upon completion. This often works in our favor. Sometimes they are adament about keeping the existing specimens.

Here is something that may help when you are "selling" your services. Whenever a client gives us their budget say $5000, we submit three designs. One for $3500,$5000,and another between say $6500-$7500. What we have found happens is they like the features of the middle to high end renderings and we end up with a package that is in the middle of the two.

But if an extra two hours of design work brings your company $2000 thats a $1000/hr for your work (figuratively speaking).

Hope this helps.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I agree that you should try to sell a new install. That being said, if they will only consider keeping the existing plant material, I'd advise to specifically exclude any kind of plant guarantee. You don't want to be paying to replace plants that you didn't earn a markup for in the first place.