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  1. ChadA

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    Alright I think this is the right forum for this question. I was curious about what to charge for trimming shrubs. I had a lady ask me today. She has about 8 shrubs all about 6' tall and about 4-6' wide(round shrubs). Whats a good for formula for est. a job like this. What would you charge.
  2. T Edwards

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    Chad, we charge $10-$12 per shrub of that size. That includes stacking the removed cuttings on the curbside for pickup. If disposal is required charge accordingly. If they're holly or anything sharp and pointy extra charges apply.
  3. DGI

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    Size of container/ball, soil type, ability to handle/transport?
  4. sheshovel

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    That depends on how long they have been let go or if the pruning has been kept up on them.Are the thick or thin?Do you have easy acsess to them?Also what kind of shrubs are you talking here?
  5. DFW Area Landscaper

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    I use a 2-1/2" chipper/shredder and I charge $.60/man/minute...$36/man/hour.

    No trip charge. No minimum charge.

    Some customers are meticulous about getting every little piece of green foliage out of their mulch/beds when they know you are working on a flat price. But when they know you're charging hourly, they don't seem to mind a little left overs lying in the beds.

    My goal is to never quote a flat price for trimming shrubs again. It's just too easy to look at a job and think you can get it done in half an hour. Two hours later, your just finishing up and your mood for the rest of the day is ruined.

    DFW Area Landscaper

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