Shurflo Batter Backpack Sprayer OR Push Type Sprayer

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Feb 24, 2009.

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    Still a bit back and forth on the backpack vs push type sprayer.....

    (For reference, looking to enter the fert/squirt market this season, goal of 6-10 small resi lawns 1st season, no big commercial)

    I am strongly looking at the 4 gallon Shurflo backpack...for around $150 bucks can get a nice outfit capable of spot spraying anything and broadcasting small yards. The only thing I wonder about is having to refill so much. With a sample rate of 1.5 oz/1 gallon/1k sq ft, I would only be able to cover 4k sq ft then I would have to refill. (More coverage of course for spot spray). I am planning on buying a 30-50 gallon nurse tank with hose spicket for refill water regardless.

    Some of the ground driven pushers hold up to 6 gallons of mix or so. Examples are the new Earthway push sprayer or the Synergy. I can see productivity going up with these units over a backpack...BUT how productive do I need to be with only 10 lawns to work??? $300-$500 should take these units.

    No guys, I am not looking at a skid now. Too much money and not worth it this season with the small amount of biz I am expecting. Perhaps in future seasons....

    What do you guys think about the backpack vs. the pusher-type for herb. apps on small resi's of a limited number?
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    One gallon per thousand? Not likely--that is just an assumption to make calibration simple. In actuallity, if you wave the wand 6 feet wide and walk at 2 mph. You will cover a lot more than 1000 sqft per gallon. Keep the pressure fairly low and you will get a lot more sqft out of a backpack. Calibrate first. Add one gallon of water and spray a concrete driveway. Measure how much the spray covered (wet). Use a steel tape. Then make your calculations. Repeat until you can get it consistent within 10 percent. Make a fill chart based on what you found. Best to use a pressure guage so you know if you have the pressure too high.
  3. Ric

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    While I love the Shurflo back pack I hate the spray tip that comes on it. Because of the proprietary design I couldn't use an other spray tip and changed out the wand to a Tee Jet model which takes standard spray tips. With this being said and with rcreech's advice on calibration I recommend the Shurflo back pack over the push sprayer.
  4. Rayholio

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    You need both my friend.. Backpacks don't get very even coverage... and they run outta water quick... A walk behind sprayer (like the one I have for sale ;) ) Gets great coverage, but may not be ideal for spot spraying, and taking care of beds... You can replace the walk behind with a truck skid sprayer..
  5. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I am going to bump this for more opinions.....
    I still have not purch. the Shurflo Backpack yet - still a little on the fence between using it vs a push type sprayer. Leaning towards it however....
  6. DA Quality Lawn & YS

    DA Quality Lawn & YS LawnSite Fanatic
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    Bump - still looking for opinions on this.
    I AM now planning to buy the Shurflo backpack......
    But I do want to see if I should get some sort of push sprayer like the drop-in Synergy OR Earthway pusher - this would be used to cover open areas and allow me to possibly take on a little bigger resi lawns. Will a push-type sprayer really gain me that much of an advantage this way?

  7. sclawndr

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    It depends on how much blanket spraying you intend to do. If you're going to blanket spray everything (don't know why you would), then a walk behind makes sense. If not, the Shurflo is a good fit. Personally, we wouldn't be anxious to push a spreader filled with water around a lawn. That's a lot of work even on a flat yard.
  8. JJS

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    For the overall productivity, I'd go with the synergy. I have one and love it, you can still fit a 50 lb bag easily in the hopper and have the abiltity to spray 2 gallons just by pulling the handle. I think its pretty versatile being that it is a spreader/sprayer so its probably perfect for your smaller properties. Your still going to need a backpack for small spot spraying here and there, so go with a regular pump sprayer if you buy the synergy. '

    Damn i just saw this thread was a month old but im posting it anyway lol

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