Shurflo srs600 replacement pump?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by FL-lawnjockey, Dec 7, 2011.

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    If all you are doing is spraying Gly in beds you might want to check these out.
    They might not be very fancy and only have one speed but for Gly in beds, fencelines, gravel areas, ect......... they are great. They have a 10% discount for Lawnsite members [or I think they still do] so instead of buying pumps for the fancy ones you can just get a new sprayer for about the same price.
  2. FL-lawnjockey

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    Well I normally don't dig up old threads but I'll make an exception because its relevant.

    Just bought a Fastpac recently & thought I'd give a brief but honest opinion about it.
    They were taking pre-orders serveral weeks ago & knocked the price down a bit so I figured what the hell.
    Now this is only MHO but it seems this unit is definitely geared more towards spraying exterior buildings or blanket apps...NOT gingerly spraying gly around beds. The output compared to the Surflo unit is definitely more. Add to that, the wand puts out a rather large cone pattern and you get a TON of drift & bounce....LOTS of bounce
    If I had to guess I'd say it'll wet a spot about 2'x2' with your arm at 45* & the pump on one...if that makes any sense. Not something that can be used around annuals or anything delicate. There's simply to much "Kool Aid" coming outta the wand. Then the drops bounce & break into several drops making the pattern very big.
    I can't comment yet on the pump simply because I haven't used it enough to say if it'll give me any headaches. I bought the extended warranty though so no worries.
    The wand...Hhmmm. Well its brass but the connections I have a problem with. Once the connection from the lance to the handle broke simply putting it away. It seems the connections are a bit brittle. Had to get an entire replacement lance because the connector is glued to the lance....$12 shipping. A week later the threaded part of the tip cracked. Again under light stress from setting it down. That too seemed a tad brittle.
    So I cut off the quick connector on the hose & put on a Solo wand with stainless lance. Something I can easily get parts for locally...I think it'll tighten up the spray pattern as well. (I'll know this week)

    The optional fg-120 gun that looks similar to a jd9 I bought as well. Thinking I'd use it for blanket apps in shrubs (insecticide, hort oils...whatever)
    According to their description it's adjustable "from fine to pencil stream".
    Yeah it'll do a stream but "fine" it does not. I described it best to Fastpac as similar to pissing in the wind. They informed me I had to order the $12.xx smaller tip to get a smaller droplet. Nah I'll pass.

    Personally I think its a bit on the pricey side for what you get. The spray gun at $45 and the wand at $45 also (I don't at this moment see them on their site) are really high priced if you need a replacement.

    The battery I haven't tried running it completely down yet but lasted a full day. I wouldn't expect more than that seeing how the pump works harder than the Surflo (same battery too)

    I'll try to remember to revisit this thread after this summer or if the pump craps out on me sooner than expected.
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    thanks for the review...
  4. FL-lawnjockey

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    Man I'm not a happy camper with this unit.

    June 2012 bought. Wand crapped out (see previous post)

    8/30/12 I sent this unit back because it developed a leak somewhere on the pump. Returned & seemed fine. No details what was done. No charge.

    1/20/13 Pump started sounding a bit funny. A couple of times it wouldn't build up pressure all the way. Figured I'd complete the job this week & send it in.
    1/23/13 Pump quits with a not-so-good burnt electrical smell. Cover housing for pump was very warm when I took the backpack off to check.

    I'm still on the original warranty plus purchased the extended when I bought it. So there shouldn't be any charge again.
    This unit has been babied, getting a thorough rinse & flush at the end of each days use & stored in the shop. It's only job is Gly apps in/around mulch beds every 6 weeks.
    Maybe I just got a f'n dud, I dunno. I will be asking for some details on what they do though so that I may keep a better record...

    Man I've got a few $89 home depot Solo's that are 6+ years old and haven't seen a drop of clean rinse water that are still performing like new. Original wands and all. Cranking that g'damn handle for several days at a time kills me though.
    After this pump failure I can't recommend a Fastpac.
  5. gregory

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    i was thinking of getting one bc it seems they came out with some new ones but i imight pass and get something else...
  6. ArizPestWeed

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    I have posted a million times before , Fastpac copied mine .
    Not that it really matters
    If you all want to make one of your own , here's how .
    This is where Fastpac got the idea , looks like his is crap .
    I have pursued manufacturing my own twice , but there are sooo many on the market already and the economy ain't so good
  7. AustinLawnscape

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    Thinking about buying a rechargeable back pack sprayer. Should I buy a Shurflo SRS 600, a fastpac, or make one from the thread from ArizPestWeed? Anybody care to share some thoughts?
  8. americanlawn

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    I say the SRS. But install a flat fan nozzle right away. This is a work horse, and batteries can hold a charge for 2 -4 weeks. Better have a back up though, cuz the electronics can shell out within one year. You can find replacement parts on ebay.
  9. robert@rittenhouse

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    It is probably best to put in the exact same pump that was in there before. Because other pumps may have different pressure, flows, connections or electronics. It could be very frustrating to try another pump, or you may get lucky on the first try.

    Rittenhouse carries the exact replacement for a little over a $100.
  10. FL-lawnjockey

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    I wont recommend the srs or the fastpac for the above reasons. I'm still using the above fastpac and it's been ok since the last time I sent it in but still not happy with it. As I said before it puts out to much juice even on the low setting & using a wand/tip combo thats more restrictive than the least with gly apps.
    Honestly I'd say if you absolutely had to have an electric, go as cheap as possible & don't expect it to last more than a season. Amazingly I still have those same previously mentioned $89 home depot Solo's that are still going strong & never get rinsed/stored. Every so often I pull the little screen in the tip but thats it.

    When this fastpac finally craps out & I run out of the extra warranty, I'll buy another stihl. Not looking forward to that though. When I spray, it's on a 40 acre condo property every 6 weeks, 7 hours a day for 6-8 days...thats a buttload of effing crank'n on a pump handle. Typically 250-300 gal of mix.

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