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  1. ltdlawn

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    when I first started I quickly found out that charging $5 more per cut and trying to up sale better service didn’t work. Soon I bumped it to $10 difference per cut. That helped some. I now bumped into $15 per cut, with more success. I would estimate 85% of my lawns are weekly now. But today I picked up a customer next to a weekly. I tried a new tactic. I priced it weekly at $30, then the eow question arose. Ugh I didn’t want to so I decided to price it like 3 weekly cuts. So $45 eow, still wasn’t enough to change their minds. For $30 more dollars they would get two more cuts. I know you can’t change them all and I’m selective on which eow I accept but wanted to hear how some of you handle the eow bids. Think I’m sticking with the extra weekly cut quote.
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  2. kemco

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    It has been a complete 180 here toward the eow. Heck last couple years been asked many times etw. Yes three or every other third week to which is always a no for us. We started at the 50% upcharge for eow as well. And over the years have found that well heck we are just about even to what we were charging for weekly. Sucks. Right now we are roughly 60% eow and 40% weekly. But that being said next year we are changing things up completely so we will see. Existing customers "grandfathered" in or "grandmother's" for those that just got triggered. But new customers must also take us for spray applications. There will be zero exceptions next year. Excited to see how this will plan out. I still would rather them be weekly.
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  3. OP

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    the bundling of a more profitable service is a good idea. I think it will lead to more weekly as those who spray care. Good luck and keep us posted next season.
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  4. JMK26

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    I charge double a weekly. Has nothing to do with growth or wear and tear on equipment.

    Customer: How much
    Me: $40
    Customer: HOw about EOW?
    Me $80

    I'm either holding a slot open every other week and taking less money or I'm working overtime every other week and not getting paid.

    If scheduled properly EOW could work, but I'm nothing but weekly...I have zero EOW accounts.

    This being said I have a bunch of weekly clients that asked about EOW....and I explain the situation to them when they do. I tell them EOW screws up my schedule too much, I've tried it and it doesn't work, but what I do is during hot dry times in the summer if it doesn't need cut I don't cut it, and you don't get charged. Most people like that....they just don't want to get ripped off by someone mowing brown dormant lawns just to get paid. I explain that the typical summer schedule might be mow, skip, mow, mow mow, skip, mow skip, mow, mow Skip.....or if it is a wet summer there will be fewer skips if any.

    LIke I said they seem to like's honest and they know what they're getting into.
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  5. zlandman

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    Similar deal here. I have two small eow routes on alternate weeks. Some of them are neighbors so it can get confusing for them. My policy is generally eows get trimmed once per month, no extra attention double cut etc. $5 more is all I charge and with the above policy I do a little better minute for minute on eow. Customers seem happy.

    I also pull back frequency mid summer if it drys up. I have better things to do than put my lungs in dust clouds all day. I tell customers every 6 days in the spring then slows to every 10 to 14 days in summer if it's not growing.

    I like the full service only idea, that's a good policy kemco, hope it works well.
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  6. weeze

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    it does screw up the schedule when eow yards want to skip a week.
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  7. Chilehead

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    I mow every 10 days. Work 5, off 5...work5, off 5...!
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  8. BigJlittleC

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    I switched all new clients to flat rate monthly pricing. I also only take on clients that want more then just mowing. So at the least they will also get fert & squirt. I tell them all the grass is maintained weekly as needed. So when it doesn't need cut I can skip and not worry about losing money. My clients like that the bill is the generally the same each month.

    For the few people who call asking about eow I tell them what we offer usually they are to cheap for full service anyways.
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  9. OP

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    @JMK26 i get where your coming from just have a hard time passing up customers Nextdoor to existing customers.
    @weeze that is a valid point does mess up the schedule quite bit.
    @zlandman i just can leave without performing all tasks needed. I see my finished work as my reputation.
    @Chilehead glad that is working for your schedule and I’m sure customers love it, but mow Thursday one week and Sunday the next isn’t viable for me.
    @BigJlittleC I’m really like the idea of bundling you and @kemco have going on. I have considered the monthly rate but everyone wants a per cut price. Also a good question is do you just average the amount of cuts per season? If so how do you do it for people that start out mid season and for that matter mid month?
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  10. BigJlittleC

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    I've only really started doing the flat monthly rate this season. I am still figuring it out myself. What I've done is taken the price per cut and times it by 4.3 then add all the additional monthly service fert & squirt garden maintenance etc. Most of those services are done once a month anyways made math easy. A $30 lawn cut ends up around $200 per month for basic lawn service. With this I'm in complete control of my service and pay. I only monthly price so for routine maintenance. Clean ups, mulch, annuals, and one off stuff is billed extra.
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