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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by yardguy28, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. yardguy28

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    who works when they are sick and who doesn't?

    for those that don't is there anything special or different you do to catch up or is it just like rain days that put you behind?

    preferably solo guys.

    i'm solo and tues night i became sicker than hell and was out all day yesterday and i'm still out today. i called up my wed. people and cancelled all but one that wouldn't let me. and 2 that are bi weekly that i couldn't cause it would throw off my bi weekly's and be major long.

    the real reason i cancelled them is because my grandmother also passed away tues and the funeral is sat. so i won't have saturday to catch up. i know all the sheot hit the fan all at once.

    i'm curious what others would do in this type of situation? if i were just sick i would have obvisouly treated it as just being behind because of a couple days of rain and kept on trucking working through the weekend.

    so i'm looking for ideas.......
  2. All_Toro_4ME

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    sorry to hear your grandmother passed. If I get sick in the summer then I put the mowing off a few days. I don't usually tell the customers I'm ill or anything like that because they dont care. They just want their property mowed. So I'll tell them I had to reschedule them because of the recent rain we had a few days ago or the previous week. Just have to triple up on the day you schedule them for to get caught back up.
  3. punt66

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    You would have to decapitate me to keep me from work. I was back to work the 3rd day after a major abdominal surgery. That was may 27th.
  4. Richard Martin

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    I worked all of 2008 with a 90% blocked left anterior decending artery. It's nickname is The Widow Maker. It was definately letting me know there was a problem but circumstances beyond my control prevented it from being repaired immediately. All of this year I've been working in fairly severe hip pain caused by a nerve being pinched due to my L-5 slipping off of my tailbone. Short of surgery there's little that can be done for me.

    Suck it up and go to work.

    Just kidding. You should never work if you feel as though you are compromising safety or health. My situation should not be used as an example. I was terribly lucky that the Widow Maker didn't make a widow of my wife.
  5. yardguy28

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    if we actually had any rain that i could have blamed it on i would have. we've been getting pretty hammered with rain this season but of all the weeks to get sick i had to pick one of the driest.

    thing is i don't get sick very often at all. haven't been sick for years. then all of a sudden i'm down for 2 days in a row. you don't know how much i prayed for rain while i was in bed trying to think of which clients to cancel or what to tell them.

    like i said i was able to cancel all but 3 of my wed clients and 2 of those i didn't even bother calling because they are bi weekly. if i skip them this week it'll be so tall by the next scheduled mowing. i have my bi weeklys set up on alternate weeks so doing them this up coming week isn't possible. the one guy that wouldn't let me cancel is an @sshole. told him i've been sick for 2 days plus i had a death in the family could i cancel and come next week. this is a pita yard mind you. it sees no water except rain water and no fert. it's a weed patch. "it's already crazy long, it won't last another week". basically he told me his lawn was more important than my health and my family in times of the loss of a loved one.

    oh well. i've found some help for tomorrow. gonna knock out what i can tomorrow and the rest on sun. funeral is sat and since it's out of town there isn't any working before or after the funeral.

    it's not like i haven't been behind before. i just always have the weather to blame it on and you don't need to explain why your behind to people because they know it rained. but when it's been nice and sunny all week clients think you've been out working all week and are on schedule. most are understanding but theres always those few that aren't.
  6. LwnmwrMan22

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    I've never been so sick I was totally out. Maybe only did 1/2 of the list, or 3-4 yards, but still drug my body around.

    The summer I broke my foot, I worked the week before surgery, found someone to trim for me, I rode the ZTR with my foot on a bucket.

    I was laid up for a week after surgery. Over the years I've gotten to be fairly decent friends with a couple of the LCOs in the area.

    The week before the surgery, I told all my customers what had happened.

    Most said sorry to hear that, and that they probably wouldn't have even known it wasn't me mowing.

    I farmed out 1/2 the yards for a week, mowed after that on crutches.
  7. punt66

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    sounds like me. I told my clients about my surgery a week prior to warn of a possible delay in service. The ones that were home all greeted me before my surgery and told me not to worry about some grass. Yea right. thats green gold hahah. I was back after 3 days and the same clients came out yelling at me telling me to go home. hahah i just laughed and continued to work while they shook their head in disbelief. What can i say. I have french canadian in me.
  8. Charles

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    The only time I missed work is when I had food poisoning and had to stay close to a bathroom ie don't eat the sliced roast beef in some grocery stores:cry:
  9. LawnGuy35

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    I came down with a pretty bad summer cold Monday (it's been in the freaking 90's all week...UGH!!). Yesterday it settled in my chest. Today I only had 5 lawns to mow, so I took it slow and drank 16 ounces of water after every lawn...and after every other lawn also drank one of those CranErgy (cranberry energy drink). Also brought along a huge container of mixed fruits and took some Tylenol daytime cold stuff.

    It wasn't too bad, but I sure was dragging. By the way, I f-ing hate summer colds! Come to think of it, I hate colds, period.
  10. clydebusa

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    Well, I have a couple of friends that are LCO's and we help each other out. If you need help send a request here and you might get your lawns done.

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