Sick Tree...Please Help

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by rcreff, Jul 6, 2012.

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    I am inclined to say that this Cherry is way too gone.
    If you remove all the under weeping limbs and any dead limb wood, this tree will probably revert back to its original graft host. Sometimes, during stress situations and insect attacks, the tree will throw on top growth and eliminate the lower stressed limbs. It definitely appears to be in poor light, crowding, and poor air circulation........let alone neglect from improper pruning and growing site.
    I see weeping mulberries all the time that is allowed to become overgrown and the lower limbs will fizzle out from lack of sunlight. The top continues to grow out of the weep below the grafts. It isn't a pretty sight then after this happens it has no other choice but to undergo a reversion.
    You can treat this tree with neem.........I hope you have a good sprayer that can easily be cleaned afterwards. Neem isn't my favorite!! It is a oily--gooey mess afterwards to clean out of the sprayer. I use Chlorthalonil on these trees.........followed by a shot of Spinosad or safer's soap.
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    I've seen trees look this way and actually lose their leaves before labor Day Weekend, yet get cleaned up and ready for the following year, then thrive thereafter... it is in and ugly environment and it wouldn't hurt to check the soil to see if it is too moist or too dry...
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    May I go back and ask the O.P. if they have fingernail scratched these stems to see if there is any green life underneath. Most times in these situations, if the branch and twig dies, it then will revert. If there is green underneath, then go ahead and treat for insect and disease damage............clean up the area of weeds, and undergrowing trees.

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