side by side lawn/one is green like they painted a line.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ant, Mar 30, 2003.

  1. ant

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    two houses were built 3 years ago . the sod was installed the same time by the same contractor...

    i fertilize one and lawn doc. does the other.

    he was there march 10 to treat the lawn and i did my lawn march 11.

    i went by it this morning and the lawn doctor lawn is as green as i never seen.....:confused:

    it seems to be not grownig but it is green:cry:

    what do you think they used?

    it looks good

  2. EJK2352

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    It probably isn't as much what they put on this spring, but more like what was applied last fall. All my lawns that had a late fall fertililization are greening up nice and most haven't had their spring fert yet. :) ;) :) ED
  3. John Gamba

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    What 2352 said and Maybe More IRON.
  4. Clay

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    Ferromec AC by PBI Gordon.... either stand alone or added with fertilizer... Greener by next day... :)

    Good Luck, Clay
  5. Ric

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    25% of the Horticultural Fertilizer sold in the USA is sold in Florida. There are many reasons for this. Year round growing season. Longer hour of sunlight. 55 inches or rain per year. Poor soil or Calcareous Sand in many parts of the state. Here in the Bug Capital we must be careful with our fertilizer to keep it green with out causing excessive top growth. Minor elements is the KEY. Stay away from High Nitrogen for it causes too many problems. Sorry I am not sharp on Cool Season Turf or do I know your soil and therefore can not help you. However I will tell you Lawn Doctor does 412 and I do 406 side by side. The local Lawn Doctor is asking the same question as you are. The answer is minor elements.

    Lawn Doctor does have some very good ideas. Their 3 product fertilizer spreader means you can custom blend granules as you apply. I have had the pleasure of my local competitor showing me his entire set one afternoon at his home. I got the grand tour from wash down tray to computer program. Lawn Doctor even offers Health Insurance to the franchisee. They of course offer tech support etc. Draw backs are high buy in costs and royalty. Lawn Doctor is a market Company just like Truegreen and now Scotts etc.
  6. HBFOXJr

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    Ant, a spring or 2 back I saw an early law LD had just done and it looked like straight urea to me. Just plain old white prills.
  7. lawnstudent

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    what fert did you use? And please, tell us specifically the kind of nitrogen you used. Did you use a water soluble, fast release form that is not affected by the cool temps like urea? Or did you use a slow release form that needs heat, moisture and/or microbial activity to break it down?

  8. Right on jim

    % slow release
    just copy off label


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