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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by new lawn, Aug 16, 2000.

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    I use a couple Bunton walk-behind mowers and I always keep my chute's up (tied down with a bungie cord) I find that this helps distribute the grass clippings evenly. With the chute down it clumps even on a very dry day. I know with the chute up I run a higher risk of rocks and other debris flying throught the air at the speed of sound but with it down it looks really bad. Do other brands do a better job with the chute down or does everyone do the same as I do? Yes, I am FULLY INSURED and to date have not ever had a claim. Please let me know UP or DOWN????
    (Again, this is the best thing I have found on the net and thanks for all the replies! everyone has been very helpful and I hope I can be a help to someone else)
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    I tie up my chute when I mow my lawn. I've got a small rider that a friend gave me that I'm using. I know what you mean about clumping. Someone said on here to put wire screening over the chute to keep big things from flying out (rocks, toads, etc.). Just keep your chute up, select the right size for your wire openings and let it rip!
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    Wire screening isn't heavy enough to stop much of anything. What was discussed before is an OCDC. That is an Operator Controlled Discharge Chute. They come standard on the 00 and 03 series Dixie Choppers. It can be dropped down on the move from the operators seat to help prevent things from flying out of the chute when the discharge side is facing a road, people, animals, or what ever. It has holes in it, but it's heavy metal. It still will clump up if left down for a long distance, but it's better than hurting someone. There is a picture of one on my machine on my website if you want to see one.
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    I keep my mower discharge off, unless in tight areas. Then I'll put on a restrictor plate to keep everything in. I don't have the luxury of staying seated while making the change.
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    Thanks Eric! I steered someone wrong and could have hurt somebody. Good thing you're were here to straighten me out! I never really thought about the weakness of screening. Those OCDC's sound great.
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    Hey Guys, check out "THE DIRECTOR" Its an adjustable chute for Z's that you can adjust from the seat in 3 or 5 positions from wide open to closed. It looks like a great idea, and I bet it can be adapted to a walkbehind no problem.

    Theres a few pics on my site of it if you want to check it out. Its from the same company that makes that roller striping kit for the exmark.

    Hope this Helps!

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    I have a Director on my 60" Exmark and my 72" and when its all the way up I never get clumps and I really like it when it comes to around mulched beds, I just close it completely and the grass is mulched.
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    I'm very interested in "the director". I can't remember what I used for a sign in name or password to get into your site. Wondering if you could post the address for the company that makes "the director" Or email it to me at Thanks in advance.

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