side discharge with double?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mdb landscaping, Feb 14, 2001.

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    i was just reading a post about double blades and learning how they work. ive been side discharging for the last three seasons since i started. i know you use double blades for mulching, but can you use double blades with using the chute open for discharging clippping? i didnt know whether it would create a wind to not shoot the clippings out. anyone ever tried this? would it give a better cut maybe?
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    Side discharging with double blades is what 95% of the people here do. A few are using them with a mulching plate and baffles, but most are just side discharging. The clippings are noticabally smaller and the lift is tremendous. Expect your clippings to shoot out about 4 more feet than they normally do! Have fun, and be safe.

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    If you look at the page I did on my website about double blades, you can see a picture of a lawn cut with double blades in the spring when the grass was growing fast. There is a picture of a lawn next to it cut with singles and both lawns are side discharged as all of mine are.

    Check my site and see if the lawns look good enough for you to side discharge too. I haven't cut any grass in the past 13 seasons that I didn't use double blades and side discharge, so it is a proven thing I would say. :)
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    On my Walker 52" side discharge, i have double blades mounted with the saddle that comes with the mulch kit but, i left the mulch plates out. it has been working great. i ran a Walker 16hp with this set up and put my hand held tach on it and the engine rpm's remained the same, when i added the mulch plates, i dropped about 20 rpm's.

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