Side Discharging with a Toro, JD or Honda 21"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joed, Dec 30, 2001.

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    Thanks. A buddy of mine has and loves lawnboy but swears that the poland pro he has mulches better than anything. I have the honda its ok but nothing to write home about.
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    the only thing the toe plate does is help stop scalping if you go over a high spot or a curb(scraping)it keeps the discharge hole covered a little on the bottom
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    --------------It seems like there will be some strict restrictions regarding the pick up of grass clippings in 2002. Many of our municipal governments are moving to stop the pick up of grass clippings in 2002.

    Just wondering--What do you do with all the clippings you collect? Do you bring them home and put them out at your curb? If so, you must have bags upon bags come collection day. Does Toronto have a composting site anywhere near you? You could take them there and they would be put to good use. We have at least one site here (Sault Ste. Marie) and it is open to the public as well. You can bring grass, leaves, garden waste, old sod etc. It's ideal for disposal.
    Although we mulch over 90% of the time, when we are collecting in the spring, fall and leaves, we can fill our 1-ton dump in one to two days. I just back up to the piles of grass , dump, and then drive away. Couldn't be sweeter, and no landfill issues.

    As far as questions about discharging, we have several Lawnboys and a couple of Toros. All commercial machines. One of the Toros is a "discharge only" machine. You can not bag with this machine. It has to have the nicest discharge I have ever seen. It easily beats the Lawnboys at discharging, and I am a big fan of Lawnboy machines. Most mulching machines only wish they could hide the clippings as well as this Toro. Long or short grass makes, no difference. Under the deck stays pretty clean too. Rarely needs to be scraped. I have looked at many machines, and have yet to be as impressed as I am with the Toro.
    -Went and checked, Its model number is 22025C, if this helps any.

  4. joed

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    Thanks for the very useful information. I am quite certain that we have a compost site here in Toronto but I believe they charge you to dump. Is your place the same? In the competitive market we have here in the Toronto area, I can't see passing on the cost of dumping to customers when most of the competition simply discharges or mulches.

    is the Toro model you mentionned above a push or self-propelled model, 2 stroke or 4 stroke? Also, I came a very interesting new side-discharge/mulching mower from Billy Goat called the Contour Mower. It has a 24" cut. Check it out
  5. theplantdoctor

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    I hate to say this to you, but our compost site is FREE. But, they get you on the back end as they are a great place to get soil from, and that is not free.
    Our market is pretty stiff here too, so people are not going to pay extra for dumping grass either. I do, however, charge them for dumping spring and fall debris, such as leaves and thatch and stuff.

    The Toro that I have is a push model, but it does come in SP as well. It has the Suzuki 4.5 hp engine, 2 stoke. Probably one of the best engines you can buy on a 21" machine. Lots of power and it literally sipps the gas. The 1 gallon tank seems to last forever, compared to the Lawnboys.

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    I checked with the local dealer today and that model is no longer available. They quit using that number in the late 80's. The model that replaced it is a 22026. Seems to be the same mower housing with some updates....probably safety or emissions related. It does still come with the Suzuki engine. My dealer said he had never sold one but he could get it for about $750.
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    The ultimate side discharge 21" is the Honda UM536. Used only on wet spring growth, provides cleaner discharge than an LB. With the entire deck side open, even discharges better than the Exmark & Toro SFS decks in heavy turf.

    honda - 1.jpg
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    I have used the JD jx85 and its earlier versions for 10 years, and only mulch with them. If you keep sharp blades on them, they mulch real well. Of course, my experience is only with Bermuda and St. Augustine grass. They disperse the mulched clippings very well in my opinion. :)
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    joed-i go to the miller site on bloomington and leslie and a pickup full of bags of grass rarely goes over the minimum charge-$4.71 including GST. Goes by weight of your waste. small cost, the time is more of a pain.
  10. joed

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    Thanks a lot for the very useful information.

    Johny Walker,
    Where do you get this Honda model you've talked about? Also, I can't seem to download your attached image? The new Billy Goat Contour 24" Mower seems like a real winner. Check it out at
    Let me know what you think

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