Side Discharging with a Toro, JD or Honda 21"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joed, Dec 30, 2001.

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    I believe it is only avail. mail order from UK.
    Try this pic.

  2. Redmowers

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    My Proline is a model 22031 w/suzuki engine,1993 era. I believe with a full tank I could mow non stop 8-10 hours without refilling .I just wish it turned a few more RPM's seems to just idle.Compared to my old Jacobsen with the 501 this is too quiet!I may crank it up to a higher run speed this year to see what happens. I mulch most of the time with it only bagging in the fall for clean up. Never tried doubles on it ,but do have an atomic mulching blade on it now.
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    I have a Toro with the 2 stroke suzuki and have had to reset the governed speed almost every year since I have had it. (4? years)
    This mower will side discharge much better if the engine speed is where its supposed to be. A couple of hundred rpm really makes a difference on any mower because of the drop in blade tip speed.

    I don't think this is indicative of a problem because most of my equipment seems to lose engine speed during the course of use. I assume from vibration and general wear and tear.

    At any rate I have gotten into the habit of checking the engine speed at least once yearly to make sure I am getting the most out of my equipment.
  4. Redmowers

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    How do you check your engine speed? Do you have a tach or what?
  5. Redmowers

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    Oh and how do you change it ,spring move or mechanically?:confused:

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