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Side Discharging


LawnSite Fanatic
This year I plan to start off side discharging. It seems as though many of the professionals do this. I have been mulching grass ever since I started, but I am willing to try side discharging. What is the advantage to side discharge over mulching? How do you all get rid of the left over clippings? and Does it help the grass? <p>Any input would be appreciated<p>Rick Wallace


LawnSite Member
I personally think mulching is better. It spreads the clipping all over. Side discharge makes lines of clippings in the yard that, depending on high the grass is, you might have to pick it up. Mulching is also good for the grass. The only advantage of side-discharge is that it will cut high grass a lot easier. Mulching high grass can sometimes be hard.


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Side discharging is fine for certain areas. I own a couple of choppers and a scag. When all I had was the scag i had to throw it out the side, but now I have the option of mulching or opening the chute and letting it fly. You can do fine with side discharge as long as you run back over your clippings in a crossing pattern or start in the middle if possible and work it to the outside perimeter. One concern you must have when side discharging is THE SAFETY FACTOR! Be careful where you do this at, I don't know of anybody that has ever been in a lawsuit over a rock hitting somebody in the head but if it can happen it will happen sooner or later IF you aren't careful. There are many ++++++++ & --------------'s to either one, mulching is safe but a little slower, discharging can be faster but a lot more dangerous.<p>Homer<p>P.S. Buy a chopper if you don't already have one and you have the best of both worlds!


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Coastal NH
Rick,<br> try running gator blades when you switch to side discharge and use Homer's sugestion to varied cutting patterns( perimeter cutting, cross pattern) We Mow 120 finer lawns a week and bag none! With the right combination of blades and patterns, they WILL! looked bagged without the hassles of collecting clippings. We have had not one complaint and our customers are extremely fussy.<p>Mike


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I'll concur with Homer. We normally mow over 5000 acres annually and bag none of it. You have to stay on top of your frequency of mowing to do an acceptable job of side discharging but that, to this point, has not been a problem. If you mow and side discharge a lawn at the proper time it looks ever bit as good as a bagged lawn, and with a lot less work and hassle. Thanks, Lynn