Side gate for a trailer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by We do 4 U, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. We do 4 U

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    I need to get a new trailer next year and was thinking about getting one with a side gate. For those of you that have them, are they useful? I am talking about an open trailer. I have a Super Z I would be taking off the rear gate and a Toro 44 wb with a trac vac off the side gate. Both mowers would not be used at the same time (one man show). I have heard some people don't use their side gates because they are either in the road or on the lawn. Thanks.
  2. summitgroundskeeping

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    I've seen them. But on the trailer I saw them on the trailers didn't look as strong as mine. It looked wierd to see a tall gate stick up on the side of the trailer. Would driving a w/b off the side stress the trailer a little? I dunno, probably wouldn't. I think they are good ideas if well engineered.
  3. RMDoyon

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    Since the truss formed by the side rails is absent on a (properly designed) trailer with side gates the undercarriage requires additional or larger steel.

    This rig uses 5" c-channel and I have had zero issues:

    trailer side.jpg
  4. Firefighter Dave

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    I wish my enclosed trailer had a side ramp door like the back. A lot less lifting of the push mower.... I'll keep dreaming...


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  5. sunrise

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    They are great, I added mine 2 yr ago and wished I did sooner.
    May sure that the gate is strong and not made out of small metal
  6. TFL

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    Thinking of putting one on mine they seem very usful.

    Having seen alot of trailer production you don't really have any larger steel than normal.

    Am probably going to build one of these this winter. I will have help from the manufacturer. And take to Houston livestock show as show trailer before i begin using. What do you guys think on the design.
  7. morturf

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  8. gogetter

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    Jeremy, a question about the rear gate on that. In the photo it looks like the gate 'bottoms out' on the ground when dumping. Just the photo?

    Other then that, it looks great! Looks like it covers all the bases, dumps, tool storage, side gate.

    Although, now I think about it, with that design it doesn't look like you can add any kind of gate lift assist. Alright it almost had all the bases covered. ;)
  9. TFL

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    it does have a gate assit. It has i think you call them torrsion springs acrross the bottom of the gate. If i can find some pics i will post them.
    i helped with the design of the assit because they didn't think of that. it only takes about 50% of the weight of now. but i am trying to make it take more of.
    I think it is just the photo they are about three feet of the ground on the similar gooseneck one which is what i work with and am building.

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