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  1. HOMER

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    I was wondering how many of you use a side gate on your open trailers. Are they a good investment or do they weaken the trailer? I have heard they do so whats your opinion.<p>Homer
  2. Lazer

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    If a trailer is dependent on the side rails for frame stiffness, it probably isn't much of a trailer to begin with.<p>Sure, you are removing some strength by inserting your side gate, but make sure you have enough trailer to begin with and you should be fine.<p>I've seen them and I think the times you'd use them in would not be worth the $ or time to have one.

    KUTTERS LawnSite Member
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    I have a side gate on one of my trailers. The manufacturer left the big lip of the angle iron that forms the floor of the trailer where the boards are set. Along with ordering a gate that was too short in length forms a pivot point that is tricky to get over. I am going to extend the gate to help this. I love this extra gate it saves alot of time. I am no engineer but I have not seen any evidence of cracking or twisting.
  4. HOMER

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    O.K. Let me start over. My trailer has the 5&quot; siderail, which I think should be plenty strong. If anyone has used one and it broke the trailer somehow I would like to know so I can incorporate the fix into mine, if I decide to do it.
  5. Getmow

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    I have one trailer that has a side gate. It is a valuable tool for the crew that uses it. They do not have to unload the primary mowers (choppers) to get to the seldom used walk behind or push mowers.

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