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    Hopefully everyones season is starting off as good as ours. Haven't been on here in awhile since we have been working long weeks, but i am stacking up the pics to bring my thread back alive. We have put down close to 200 yards of mulch so far with the dump truck and our productivity has risen immencly but are still the least productive when it comes to edging and bed defining with spades. I have been demo'ing brown and blue bird bed edgers/trenchers and as good as they look after the job is done, they arent saving a ton of time and the fatigue from the heavy machine is enough to have me rather do it by hand with a spade. which imo looks cleaner and doesnt require you to blow all the soil that shot out of the back onto the grass, back in the beds.

    I was researching a little more and looked at the echo bed redifiner which has its niche but for new beds it is worthless. So i found this. It seems to be a pretty good idea and they offer a 1 year warranty but i don't want to buy anything that is going to break after 10 uses, which is what this may do. I just want to show you guys what i have been looking at and the ingenuity that had to have gone into this little invention.

    Here is some pictures and links for you to check them out and let me know what you think. It would require us to have a trailer onsite for a mulch and edging job which we normally wouldnt have but it would save a lot of time in my opinion on hand edging.

    they offer two models a 1000 series for belt driven mowers and a 2000 series for hydro Prices are 1500 and 1700 for the models and they also can put any engine you want on them. If i do end up buying one i am going to have a 9 hp honda ohv installed(which is $115 dollars more).... The engine they come with this the lowest japanese engine you could buy.

    Heres the link on ebay:


    Their website:



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    Those two videos contain some of the worst landscape methods/work I have ever seen. Another absolutely useless, messy, bulky, rather-do-it-by-hand bed edging product. Please don't buy one of those.
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    The engine is on the wrong side of the edger and will destroy anything planted inside an existing bed. On self propelled bed edgers the engine stays on the outside of the bed not the inside. I would stay away from that product.

    Bed Edger.jpg

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