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    I've been in the landscape business for the last nine years and it's been great. Taking care of the debris(grass clippings-brush etc.) was a problem though. Throwing that stuff on to a truck -or off it- or both was going to be a problem so i came up with this simple idea and have used it for several years, testing and refining. It was such a good idea that i had it patented and am about to start taking orders. What do you crazy grass monkeys think.

    IMG_1418 (640x480) (550x413).jpg

    IMG_1411 (750x563) (750x563) (2) (640x480).jpg

    IMG_1410 (750x563) (2) (750x563) (640x480).jpg

    IMG_1409 (750x563) (2) (640x480).jpg

    IMG_1478 (550x413).jpg
  2. doubleedge

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    How much does it cost? If you open it when it is nearly full, does grass spill out the loading side? Overall, it appears as if it would work quite well.

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    When you open the loading side with a full load some does drop down but it is not an issue. I can load it clear to the top. The idea is that you have to lift the bed once in a while to shift the load to the left side. I can put about 4 walker loads of clippings on there and the cycle time is minimal. No prices on this site. I'll pm you
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    pm me a price too
  5. forbidden

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    I would think that for some of us on rather limited width streets that the drop down part may not be in our best interest. Has it been an issue for you yet? I was working on an a similar idea that would have involved dumping the walkers hopper beside the truck and using a truck mounted debris loader to blow it all into the dump box. I think you have a great idea no matter what.
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    the debris door has not really been an issue. I have some really narrow streets in the old part of boise, idaho where i can let it down into their driveway if i have to. If the property is fairly small my walker doesn't fill anyhow so i go on to the next property before dumping. Thank you for your interest
  7. cutbetterthanyou

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    You should make a video to show us all the bed in action.

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    you can go to my website at i did the picture taking myself so give me a critic. i'm sure i need one. thanks for the interest
  9. calvinslawnservices

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    One thing I noticed, The lines on the bottom of the bed get pinched when you put the bed back down. It wouldn't take long to wear thru the line. But other than that great looking product, wish I had the money for one.
  10. JFGauvreau

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    Very impressive and efficient, great work.

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