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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by mdvaden, Feb 15, 2007.

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    Even notice the difference between a top menu and side menu on some sites?

    If the home page fits in the screen without scrolling, the side menu may not matter as much.

    But when side menus have a few buttons, and the page is long, there is often a blank field under the menu buttons all the way down.

    When the menu is horizontal across the top, the page content can fill all the area from side to side.

    I've used both positions for menus, but stuck with text menu links across the top since most of my pages have a lot of text.

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    So we meet again Mdvaden, Its Dave from Dreamweaver 8 help please. You just mentioned one of the issues I am facing next. The template I am using seems narrow. What I mean is that when open in IE or Netscape there is about two inches of blank screen on each side. Have you figured out how to make a template fit the entire screen. If so steer me in the right direction (keywords) so I can research it.

    Mdvaden thanks for your assistance with my post by the way. PS I PM'd you a copy of the code for my whole first page like you requested.

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