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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Westbrooklawn, Dec 20, 2002.

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    The recent "6 mile of mowing" post got me to thinking once again about the need for some type of edger that could be mounted to the side of your mower. I'm familiar with Walker's edger, but it is very expensive and somewhat overkill for the occasional long sidewalk or driveway situation that I commonly see.

    I'm talking about a string trimmer device that could be mounted on the side of your deck in a vertical position, driven by a small 2 cyle motor or a 12 volt electric motor. It would have to have the ability to be lowered to compensate for string wear, and there would have to be a way to index the string from the drivers seat. It would also be nice if it could be quickly installed and removed with some type of a bracket.

    I feel with a little practice I could control my ZTR well enough to be accurate with the cutting line of the string. One of these days if I find time I am going to try to fabricate something like this. Has anyone ever seen or done this already?
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    If you have not, you need to check out Hustler web page on the ShortCuts with the edger attachment sounds like what will meet
    your needs. If you have any question on it I will try to answer them for you
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    Will the attachment fit on any other brands?
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    Already done.
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    Steiner makes an edger attachment for their 4 wheel drive tractor that would be perfect for this job.

    The edger blade is a single "wheel" of a farm disc. This round disc blade is mounted on an axel and it has a 12 in tire and wheel on the other end of the axel. This axel has a Steiner hitch mount in the middle of it and when it is mounted on the front of the tractor - the axel is setting across the front of the tractor. If you use the down pressure on the front hitch , the steel disc will slice into the ground a couple inches deep. The tractor will actually lift its front wheels up off the ground and push its whole weight onto the wheel blade. The rear tires of the tractor propel the unit along and this thing will cut a perfect slot in the ground at 10 to 12 mph.
    The Steiner tractors articulate in the middle to do the steering and this allows you to have perfect control of the rolling edger blade.
    They have an adjustble angle bracket for the blade that allows the blade to sort of under cut and slice out a strip of sod also. You can adjust it to make a straight slice or angle the blade enough to lift out a 2 inch wide strip if you want.
    The beauty of their system is that it never throws dirt or stones. It never breaks a belt, other than grease in the bearings ,it requires no maintenance. The hardened disc blade lasts for years, and there is no hook up to the engine since it isn't anything to have to "power" on it.
    The disc slices along sidewalk or curbing perfectly and if you make a slight error in steering , it doesn't knock a chunk out of the concrete like the Walker edger does - and it doesn't wreck itself either !
    A Steiner would probably do 6 miles of edging in at most? 40 minutes.
    The Steiner also has a mower that can be a mulcher or a rear discharge mower. The rear discharge blows the grass at the full width steel roller on the mower. This mower WILL NOT throw a rock and is perfectly safe to use right beside traffic.
    The full width - 3 in. diameter steel rear roller will give the lawn a more definitive stripe than you have ever seen from a rotary mower before also.
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