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    I respect the law and those who abide by it. I do not have a pesticide certification and therefore will not violate.
    I do have a client in my neighborhood who evidently picked up a bag from Fleet Farm or something that said 'Crabgrass Killer and Fertilizer', then spread it around his lawn.
    Before it is even washed in he is on a fishing trip and asks me to keep his landscape alive. While I am at it - would I throw down some more grass seed!?!?
    I suspect his store bought Pre-M is not going to allow anything to grow for most of our short summer, so I have been reading labels trying to find 'Siduron' in order to let him know to pick up a particular product next year.
    No Luck. Is Siduron available only to liscenced personal? or can my client stop crabgrass next spring with an 'off the shelf' product? and still sow KBG/Fescue with hope of success?
    Of course I will help him seed more this fall.
    Thanks for advice and is the product what it claims to be?
  2. Jason Rose

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    Siduron, AKA Tupersan is for seeding of new lawns in the spring. It won't harm the new grass seed. It has a short life though, in 25 to 30 days it needs to be re-applied, or if the seed has came up and has been cut a time or two, you can use another type of preemergent at that point.

    Many people don't believe in the product, say it dosn't work/not worth the expense. Iv'e used it in the past (for spring seeding) and have had good results. Like I said, you must remember to re-apply or apply another pre-em in about 30 days.

    Here's some specific info: .aspx
  3. Smallaxe

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    Perfect... That is the what I will introduce to the client this summer. By next spring he should be used to the idea. Good to hear that it can be successful and I was not aware of the short life of the product.

    appreciate that, .rick.
  4. upidstay

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    Tupersan is a great product, just waaaay to expensive. Cheaper to spray a little crabgrass.
  5. Smallaxe

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    Best case scenario: He lets me seed it down and then he maintains it well to the point neither type of pre-m is needed. Waiting for the stuff to dilute enough to allow good grass to catch is the problem now.

  6. Jason Rose

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    I guess you aren't understanding here. You don't need to wait for anything. You can seed at the same time you apply Siduron, or before, or after. Dosn't matter.

    If you have a lot of crabgrass pressure in that lawn, it won't matter how nice the turf is, without a preemergent, the crab will fight it's way through.

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