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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by, Sep 11, 2004.

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    Well my partner was mowing on the edge of a pond with our 60' dixie today ground gave a bit dixie slid dixie then decided to attempt to mow the seaweed... Mower was completely underwater had to call my dad to bring his F250 and chains to pull it out. I'm really hoping it can be fixed anyone have this happen before? I cant belive it theres like 4-5 feet of tire marks as he slammed it into reverse but it just never grabbed he did go down with the ship.

    From what the dealer said hes hoping that when the blades hit first it killed the engine my partner wasnt sure it all happened so fast. Just thought i would share and maybe get some words from someone who has been there. Its so sicking we mow this place everyweek for the last 2 seasons never even slipped near it.
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    Drain everything and you should be fine. I sunk a W/B once, wasn't pretty, but it worked afterwards.
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    Exactly. And change the plugs and filters as well.
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    ya it should be fine if u do everything right that is :) good luck stay away lol.. never had this happen yet almost though but friends have :) wish u luck
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    Well i didnt want to take any chances as im not that mechanically inclined so we did take it to the dealer it had water in the carb, motor, hydro, oil my god the list goes on and on... the guy said as long as it died before it submerged we should be ok something about the piston tryin to push water out and bending? Anyway leaving it to the professionals i just fear the bill :cry:
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    Your Dixie will be ok. Just pump in enough grease to displace all the water and service the engine. Down here in Florida we have them go into salt water and live. We have to change the wiring harness but you won't need to.

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    the MOST important thing is to get that motor started ASAP after they get wet.
    When they are in the water, they don't rust. Once they are out, they start rusting.
    Step one, drain the oil/sludge from engine. While it is draining pull the spark plugs. Put new oil in it, and obviously change the oil filter.
    Drain gas out of carb/carbs. Drain gas out of gas tank, or hook up known good gas from external tank.

    Turn the motor over with starter. If water comes out spark plug holes, no worries.
    Once water quits coming out spark plug holes, hold your thumb over spark plug holes while motor is cranked over. The one way valve of your thumb will help suck more water through intake system, yet blow it out spark plug holes. Don't be shy about cranking it with no spark plugs - worst case is you are lubricating the motor with oil pump.
    Put plugs in and fire motor. watch oil pressure, watch temp. let it idle, and bring it up to temp. The goal is to get some heat in the motor to drive the moisture out.
    Letting them rust is the WORST thing you can do. Ask the boat guys.
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    Great advise and the exact way to do it! Sank my grass hopper a month ago and had to dive to hook up chains to pull it out. Had it runnning in an hr or so, not ready to mow but the engine was running. just follow the above advise

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    oh great... the service department didn't seem very concerned (John deer dealership) they said they would be on it Monday and it would be done Thursday at the latest...surely they know exactly what to do already and rust must not be a major concern over a 2 day period?
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    Print this thread and call them on Monday.
    Tell them some guy on the internet says that if they screw around the bearing journals might rust taking out the bearings, causing lack of oil pressure, or the cylinders might rust causing the motor to smoke and no compression. Ask them if they can guarantee against either of those two things?
    GET AFTER IT. It ain't their mower. Worst case for them they tell you the motor is junk and you need to buy a new one.

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