sign installers get an attitude ajustment

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Big M LawnnSnow, Oct 4, 2006.

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    We were finishing up a big commercial job yesterday, just mulching in and what do I see?
    Two sign guys tearing out an exit sign to put in a new one in one of my plant beds we just finished.
    Now I know that this happens and their just doing their job but some simple consideration for my work would have been nice.
    They tore out 2 blackeyed susans by the stems and stomped another one then tore out the old sign and threw it down on 2 barberrys spliting one in half and smashing the other.
    I just installed these the day before and need everything just so for the landscape architect and the inspector will be coming today so we can get the C of O.
    I lost my freekin mind on these 2 guys who barely spoke english.
    After explaining to them where my spade would be inserted in no uncertain terms they started to see it my way.
    It's a simple matter of respecting other trades work on the job.
    I have no problem moving plants for another guy so he can do his job but why would anybody just destroy someones work right in front of them and expect to get away with it?
    I don't think these 2 guys will do it again as they had a whole new attitude after our little talk,
    Thanks for letting me vent here.
  2. Sandgropher

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    Its good to talk to people in a way that makes them understand, its good to see the lack of English didnt get in the way, a spade up the kyber pass is great for attitude adjustments, failing that a shovel on there scone works like a charm :)

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