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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by piston slapper, Oct 12, 2010.

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    This wheel had bad bearings back in june. This mower ( Dixie Chopper ) is used commercially every day. This wheel had no bearings in august. The guy finally came in a few days ago to replace the solid wheel and bearings. He said it was starting to tear up the grass.

    This is consistent with the type of repairs we have been recieving this season. The routine maintenance is few and far between. This economy is not the greatest, and you almost feel sorry for some of them....(some of them)...
    Maybe its just my customers.....

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    WOW !!!

    I don't see how that hole got worn sooo big without the tire locking down on the top of the fork.....

    It's not just your customers PS, Mine are the same way. As long as the unit cranks, Will move and spin a blade their off and mowing.

    The ones that kill me pull in with a non runner on the trailer with TWO pancake flat tires, I ask if they want the tires repaired after I get it running.

    "Naaa just air um up, They'll hold for tha day"

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