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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawrence stone, Sep 25, 2001.

  1. Some security companies have a little sign on the rural mailboxes of their clients.

    I was thinking of having some small signs made up saying something to the effect of Lawn Care by
    Lawrence Stone

    And nailing/plastic tie them to my full service residential customers
    mailboxes. I will make this a requirement in my next season’s contracts. I was going to give the BS reason it is easier for the "crew" to find the home to be serviced.

    Comments from the gallery please!!!
  2. the point man

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    I just called 555-1212 and they never heard of you.
  3. TLS

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    So thats your phone number!

    I thought it was 867-5309.

    Watch out for anything on mailboxes, thats govenment property.

    HOWARD JONES LawnSite Member
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    I would contact the postmaster - I think your idea may be illegal.
  5. dmk395

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    Get around the whole postmaster general B.S. and just nail them to the post. Some in my area have signs alerting people that there yards have the underground dog fence, and they are tagged to the mail box post.
  6. lawnboy82

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    Larry, I bet you could get away with it. However I believe that the security companies for the most part put the stickers / plaques on the post that supports the box. Only suggestion I have for you is that they be somewhat easily removable, should you lose the job.
  7. Runner

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    I'm sorry. It sounds a little tacky to me. Something that is mounted permanently to the boxpost is just a little much. This goes with the yardsigns that say "Another fine job by...." When it is temporary, that is one thing, but on a permanent basis, I just don't know. On some certain properties, it may stick out like a sore thumb. Kind of like bumber stickers on new cars. Just My .02.
  8. LawnSmith

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    easiest thing to do, and this is what i do, is just get some made up similar to the ones that trugreen/chemlawn use. stick one in the yard after each job, if the owners want to remove it they can and if they want to keep it they can. if they do remove it, you can just put one there the next time you mow. its easy.
  9. kutnkru

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    Im confused on this one.

    I dont understand the significance of having a sign on the post/box that is a label of yours.

    People driving by probably wont be able to read it due to the size, and Im sure that your clients would be more than happy to give you a verbal reference if asked.

    I would almost think that ifmpossible you might try to have a platic biz card holder at the receptionists desk of commercial accounts that might read something like: This Property Professionally Maintained By in a legible script.

    I just dont know how to advertise something successfully at residential clients homes that is productive in results yet blends in with the landscape well.

    IMHO those security markers that Brinks/TWC/ADT put in the landscape are tacky too.

    Just my .02
  10. I am referring to the mail box post.

    Tacky? Ha Ha. Who me? What I think is tacky is all those stupid flags people have been flying.

    I figure I could give the customer a 7% monthly discount if they agree to have sign on the post.

    What better idea do YOU have in which a potential customer can actually see an example of your finished product?

    My sign will be a fashion statement much like “Tommy” jeans you will have a “larry ®” lawn.

    These signs will be badges of honor and will me more coveted than a NYC taxi medallion.

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