Signed Contact or Not?

Joe Kidd

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Waco, Tx
Hello all, I am just starting in business and am wondering about getting a signed contract from customers. Just off the top of my head, I think a customer might be a bit hesitant to sign a contract, right off the bat.

What do you guys think? And if you think a signed contract is the best way to go, can you point me to any? Thank you in advance.


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good question, In some states a hand shake is as good as a written contract. My dad has never done a written contract but he has been in this business since the early 70s.

Now a days, I think you do need some kind of written agreement, just so there is no confusion as to what all is included in your service. I have my customers sign a service agreement, at least thats what I call it. Contract is a scarey word for some people.

The service agreements are all different / weekly-biweekly-treatment program-12 month service. No matter what service they want I make them sign what they are getting, just so they dont forget, I have had some say I was suppose to be fertilizing their yard. Then I go back to the service agreement and say "NO sir" Thats not included in our original agreement however I can add that in if you like.

Hope that helps.............later