signs of being burned out???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joshua, Jun 19, 2001.

  1. joshua

    joshua LawnSite Bronze Member
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    this past week i've been tired all day and wanting to just go home and sleep, been going to bed alot earlier and can hardly get out of bed in the morning. haven't been eating much either, not very hungry. its been alot hotter than what its suppose to be this time of year. already hit 100, and have 4 days in the 90s this past week and a half. i don't know if i'm getting burned out or the heat is taking its toll?
    alittle help on this one
  2. Fine Lines Lawn

    Fine Lines Lawn LawnSite Senior Member
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    The heat is very draining and stresses us all out. Pace yourself and take it easy. Keep the fluids going in and work shorter days.
  3. Schlepie

    Schlepie LawnSite Member
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    Hey, had a little bit of this trouble myself. Worked 40 hrs at a full time job and have 25 accounts to boot. This is my first full summer to do this. I just now am going to go part time at my other job and go full time with this one. How many yards are you doing per day. With this heat, just drink lots of fluids, take several breaks, bring along some snacks. Should help. Don't think it's burn out.
  4. Toroguy

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    This had been a weird weather year. Yesterday it rained so hard, that water got inside my trucks engine compartment. I had a great (I went APE CRAP!) time trying to get it started. Finally at noon (two hours later), I made it to the pump. Yup, didnt restart for another 15 minutes. Afterwards it has been fine.

    I felt a huge "burnout" after yesterday. Today we had nice weather and I feel fine. Just keep plugging along Joshua, its sometimes tough.
  5. lawnboy82

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    just curious, besides being burned out, and you say that you had a stress test a few weeks ago. i would suggest going and having some blood drawn. maybe you got lymes disease? or something else. just something else to consider besides being burned out.
  6. Fallguy

    Fallguy LawnSite Member
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    you can beat this with little effort -first wear muscle shirts - people understand the heat then id get me a big brimed wicker type hat from walmart - bout 9 bucks with the chin strap to keep it on your head - bask yourself with a ton of sunscreen - 45 or up -if heat is extreem even mowing alone will zap you so take you a water break abut every 45 minutes - just chill out for a few minutes - another thing walmart carries is a little pump up mister bout $15 worth every penny - works like a pump up sprayer - its gonna lower your body temp by a good 3 degrees spray it on the back and front of your neck ,down your arms and legs - this will feel like paridice when your out of breath and have dry mouth - drink alot of gatorade - it gets expensive but not as if you buy powdered - always carry at least a 5 gal water jug with you with ice in it to make your gatoraid - like you will hear from everybody - do pace yourself and take frequent breaks - they will keep you from frequent hospital visits. if you stop sweating though get to a doctor or hospital quickly - good luck
  7. geogunn

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    josh...listen to your body. if symptoms persist, see the doc.

    good luck.

  8. TJLC

    TJLC LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Hang in there, guys. This time of year it gets real tough to keep going. I haved learned to start as early as possible and quit as early as possible. I'm also drinking more water and taking more breaks. It's not worth getting sick over. I admit there are times when I wonder why I am going through this kind of work. I guess the thought of making min. wage helps keep me going. LOL
  9. watatrp

    watatrp LawnSite Senior Member
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    I hear you guys. I also have a full-time 40 hr. per week job. I also have 55 accounts. These 75 hour weeks are a killer. I took a day off from mowing yesterday just because. Feel better today. Will make up the time with a little extra help from the two guys that work for me part-time. Cost me a little more money to pay them but at least I have my sanity.
  10. bobbygedd

    bobbygedd LawnSite Fanatic
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    burnout is when u wake up, cant get out of bed and when u finally do u have to limp down the hall , sideways, till yur legs adjust to the shock of walking. then, u glance over at the answering machine and if its blinking, u unplug it. go into the bathroom, and brush your teeth but was not paying attention and u used the little brush that your wife uses to clean her jewelery. then u go into the kitchen and u pour cheerios into the dogs bowl, and alpo into your own. then , after guzzling 4 cups of coffee, u can see straight enough to leave the house. go to the gas station, fill up the truck but forget to fill up the cans, by your second cut your out of gas(you and the mower), go get gas, in the middle of your third cut u have to pee so bad but cant go in the truck cus neighbors r outside, drop what u r doing and find a diner. by your 5 th cut u feel "normal" and the rest of the day goes smooth. next day, repeat steps 1-7.

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