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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mdvaden, Apr 27, 2008.

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    Feel a bit better now. Got sign lettering on my enclosed trailer.

    I remember reading about someone having a dump trailer stolen some time ago, and I realized that one extra way to deter theft, is to put sign / lettering on trailers, as it makes it a visual target on the road.

    If a trailer is not signed, can you imagine how easy it is, for someone in an outlying small community to steal a trailer, and take it out of the urban area, where almost nobody would question what looked like their new purchase.

    Especially 5 x 8s and 6 x 12s which often don't weigh enough on their own to mandate a license plate, being several hundred pounds under the limit.
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    One bad thing about lettering your Trailer is that NOW the theft KNOWS what is inside of that trailer!! I do lettering on the side and I know that lawn companys Do Not want their trailers lettered because of that just a magnet for their truck
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    Really ??

    So do you think that when you would see "Pruning and Design" on the trailer, you would now "know" what's inside? Like sleeping bags, coleman stove, a "Mr. Heater", etc.. I'd bet you dollars to doughnuts that what you think you know about what they would or would not know, could be somewhat misleading.

    The way I look at it, is that I've got a feel for living in Beaverton - border to border suburbia.

    And my experience tells me that someone is not going to want to be dragging a dark royal blue trailer at night, with 2/3s of a police force roaming the streets, if that trailer is lettered with bright white letters of a business that seems to have no business on the streets between midnight and 6am in the morning.

    Because that's the only time someone could take it.

    Also, if we were talking trucks, I'd guess that a thief would rather not steal a truck that had a company name plastered all over it, if they had equal chance to steal something unmarked.

    That's why each company needs to make it's own decision about it's own lettering. What's to be lettered, when it may sit unattended, and what's in it.

    Now if I had radioactive isotopes or computers, odds are I would not letter a trailer with my product and leave it where it could be snatched.

    On the other hand, if a lawn company parks their trailer behind locked gates for their business, a shrewd thief is very likely to suspect what is going to be in the trailer anyway.

    As far as the other - dump trailers - often with no contents, a sign is far better than no sign, if nothing is loaded to steal.

    In my case, the trailer is setup is converted for camping in campgrounds with hookups, and I occasionally use it for work like design, in outlying or coastal areas too.

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    Someone peeking in my trailer is going to find nothing but bullets flying out :gunsfirin

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