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  1. snowshreadr4ever

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    well the past 2 years my dad has been working out of town so he's let me use his 04 F-350. Now that he's back in town i'm buying a F-250 (checking one out tomorrow). I'm just curious, where do you guys go to get business stuff painted on your truck, or big magnets? Also, what about big signs to put on a trailer?
    thanks guys
  2. lawncuttinfoo

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    The kinkos by me has a sign dept which has this great material, its a allumn-pvc-allumn sandwich thats 1/4 " thick that works great for my open trailer. It a bit pricy but unmatched IMO. wont shatter like solid PVC and wont bend like solid allumn.
  3. Team-Green L&L

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    Kinkos pricing is down-right ridiculous. Use a printing company that doesn't advertise to the retail market. Remember why retail is marked-up...advertising costs. FedEx Kinkos has a retail marketplace which means you might as well be shopping at Wal-Mart for your mower parts too.

    We had (3) signs as the above-poster made from our print shop for $500.00. I would have to guess that he paid close to that much for (1), but correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. lawncuttinfoo

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    What material were they made of? I would go to anyone else at the drop of a hat but in my area, Minneapolis, I can't find any print shops with this material except the wal mart of printing, sadly. All they sell is PVC.
  5. ODC

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    Usually the material is made by 3M
  6. shade tree landscaping

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    SNOW pm me if your interested in signs. On the side my brother and I have a vinyal lettering business. we can either send u the letters all printed and all you have to do is stick them on the truck not indivual letters, or we also do magnetic signs if you like. Let me know the sizes and how many colors you are lookign to use.
  7. lakesregionscapes

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    From firsthand experience, magnetics can blow off... Especially if you have ANY Bondo on the surface: we got 2 pair for our truck doors, and one was gone missing in less than a week. We had to put one on the I-pack utility box of our dump, because the driver's door had too much 'glass on it to even pretend to stick.
    When they do stay on, they kind of rot there and refuse to come off in one piece if you don't follow the "remove and clean every couple of weeks" recommendation. In other words, read the directions. Magnetics have the advantage of being transferable, and relatively cheap. We're still using the two we have left.
  8. lawncuttinfoo

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    ODC, whose material are you refering to?

    anyway I would very much like to find this material somewhere else, anyone know of another sign company that has this stuff?
  9. ODC

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    3M who makes Post IT notes any major graphics shop should carry it. You could try Grafix Shoppe in Eagan. They tailor to all the police cars, fire trucks etc. Whatever you do Dont go to BIG PRINT in Minneapolis. Slow and unreliable. I also dont think that signorama is that good either. My buddy just got work done from this guy and he was very happy.
  10. RYDER

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    I used to work for a sign co. I would use vinyl.

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