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  1. GreenMachine102

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    Do you guys have signs with a logo and your business name on itetc, on your trailers, or trucks, if so where do you get them made, and about how much does it cost?
  2. dvmcmrhp52

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    No signs, no advertising,just word of mouth.
    Advertising brings too many unwanted requests for us.
    Word of mouth does take a little longer, but if your quality is good and your ethics are good,it takes care of itself.
    We put out many fliers in the beginning in targeted neighborhoods.
  3. AztlanLC

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    I don't disagree with you dvm cause I know that works for you, but we put sign in anything that we can, trucks, trailers, bobcat, etc. Some people have seen my crews working at some properties and they see the quality of the job, they sometimes are in a rush to stop and get a business card, so they write down the number off the truck, the other day I landed a pretty good size landscape job due to the sign in my truck, they work pretty good for us, that's why we keep using'em

    For my truck I pay $200 full color one in each door(2), just the name in the bug deflector, and a big telephone number on each side.

    Some companies will charge you set-up fee some don't.

    Small sugestion, have someone desig you logo for you, from $20-$200 but it's well worth it, if you do design it yourself post it here, you'll get a lot of ideas.
  4. B&B LAWN

    B&B LAWN LawnSite Senior Member
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    ive got one on my trailer. about 3'x3' color and logo for around $180
  5. ffemt1271

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    i have some on my trailer-3' x 3' they are vinyl letters(2 colors) red and black. they are on cloroplast it's a thick plastic cardboard.
    i paid 18$each for them . they are pretty tough signs and hold up really well.
  6. grshppr

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    I've got a 3X3 sign on the tailgate of the trailer, 1X1.5 signs on the sides of the trailer, decals on the truck doors and the on the tailgates. Door decals ( one color ) were $30/side, and the trailer signs cost me about $100.
  7. mtdman

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    If you aren't identifying yourself and the work you do, you're wasting a great opportunity. I have gotten lots of work from customer's neighbors, people driving by, etc, because people knew who I was and who to call. Signage improves word of mouth. It gives you an aire of professionalism and legitimacy. AND, I have been told that at least in Michigan, any commercial vehicles have to have signs identifying their company. I have magnetic door signs, cost me about $80 for the pair. Work great. I prefer the magnetic signs so I can take them off when I'm off duty and not get hasseled.
  8. CamLand

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    my truck has signs and hmmm around $50.00
  9. mowerman90

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    Paid $150 for the sign on the back of my trailer. It is made out of 1/2" signboard with black and Red vinyl letters.

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  10. CamLand

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    mine are vinyl.

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