silt fence attachment for skid steer

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by construrent, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. construrent

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    I'm in the market for a silt fence attachment for my skid steer, what brands are out there?, I have looked at Bobcat and Burchland, do you guys know of any other brands?

    I'm hoping to start silt fence installs for January 2008 so your input will be really appreciated, because I need to buy soon,


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  3. Construct'O

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    These are made in Mt. Pleasent ,Ia. i have dealt with Chris and was very happy with his service.

    I have the Implimax vibatory plow.Has a box that viberates like they plow in telephone lines.They have gone out of busniess tho.There is a place in Ill. that has parts for them and they sell silt fence for this plow.

    Mine takes a speical silt fence that is only sold by the guy in Ill.If your working in extremly hard ground,or rock dirt,mine would be better,more up keep tho.

    The other plow is what they call a static plow you jus pull it throw the ground.I think they sell alot of these.

    Then there are Tommy plow.You can check Ebay out also they have a few deals on there on them also.I bought a used ,like new plow like mine for a little of nothing compared to the new one.

    It came with out the shoe,but found one of them for a few hundred dollars.
    Good luck!:usflag:
  4. construrent

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    Any idea what the cost on one of these would be?

    Looks like a decent business to do with a skid steer when we don't have dirt work,

    Honestly, I hope that the future could bring more attachment work than just regular dirt or fill work,

    Thanks for the advice,

    Will keep you posted on what I buy,

  5. ksss

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    I priced that plow around 5K if I remember correctly.
  6. construrent

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    How is the fuel consumption on your 440 Case?

    I had a 60XT for 2 years and it was on the heavy side of fuel (case/cummins engine).

    Do you have the foot accelerator and 2 speed?

  7. ksss

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    I am real happy with the fuel consumption on the 440. I cant say that about the 465 though. I can get about 9 hours out of a tank. The power of that machine is unreal. It does have the accelerator and two speed. The machine is really just a pleasure to run. Usually by the time I have had one for 1000 hours or so I am ready for the next new series, but this machine is very productive and fast. I may keep this one to two thousand hours. I have had no real issues with it (Heater blower motor did need replacing) just a good all around machine.
  8. construrent

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    thanks for the information,

    Which machine you recommend, a Case Track Loader or a Takeuchi?

    For the silt fence installations, I plan on using a track loader,

  9. ksss

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    It appears that most everyone that has a silt fence attachment either uses steel tracks or a CTL. They don't vibrate so you have to pull you way through with no help but the grunt of the machine and your tractive effort. A tracked machine of some sort is certainly in order.

    The CASE vs TK. They are both solid machines. Initially here the TK machines were outselling the CASE CTL by a wide margin. However the last year has seen a reversal with some trading their TK's in for the CASE tracked machine (440 CTL almost exclusively) not sure of the exact reasons. The guys that bought the first 440 CTL's have been very happy with them and I think that has been building on itself. I take nothing away from the TK, solid machines. If you can wait I got some interesting info yesterday. The new CASE machine is will release shortly and I think it is going to be way over the top. More so than I was told initially. Hopefully the price wont be. If you can wait until they release it will be well worth it, believe me.
  10. Fieldman12

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    Case I bet is chasing after the new C Series Cat machines. Can you say here kitty kitty Cat. !!! I bet the other brands are not far behind including Deere.

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