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    I got a call today to install silt fence around 50 lots, the kits are $213, for '330 ft a steak every ten feet, wire fence on one side and fabric on the other, installation is no problem but i have never done it before and would like any advice on pricing. with out any help i was figuring on doubling material, but i think it might be more labor intensive than that. any help would be great! per foot price??? thank you
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    you need to figure on your clean stone, it needs to be a min of 6 inches thick.
    also you need to install the fencing six inches below grade. so that sediment will not blow under the fence. another thing to consider is who is going to remove the fence, a lot of guys will remove the fence and use the stakes again.

    you should be some where between $2.50-$2.85/foot

    your stone will run approx $0.55/linear foot
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    just standered 3 foot fence i will plow it in for 1.50 a foot. but that is just striaght fence no wire
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    find a blower truck that use filtrexx sock it kicks ass and is way easier

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