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  1. diggerman

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    After reading all of the SIMA member posts and how much the orginization has done for them I feel I must be missing something.So if possible maybe you all could expound on the issue of the personal benifits you have recived.And I am looking for more than making you feel good about your profession, I had that before I ever joined and just because we have an orginization with a bumper sticker does not make us more proffesional,I do that all on my own,so give me something tangable.
  2. n y snow pros

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    Ok heres something tangible.Sinc joining SIMA our snow business has grown from 6 figures to 7 figures in just 1 year.I also found out about chemicals for anti-icing and de-icing from SIMA.Third it is a great place to network concerning snow plowing.Whos next,Dino,John Allen,Aspen,Vince and others give this guy something to sink his teeth into.
  3. diggerman

    diggerman LawnSite Senior Member
    from Iowa
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    Tangeble? sort of tell me how has knowing more about deicing made you that much money or are there other areas it has helped? Just telling me you have made more money after joining SIMA does not tell me how they helped you to achive this.It was certainly not from their web site.
  4. plowking35

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    Hop on the bus, cause I am taking you to school
    One word
    I have learned so much from being a SIMA member.Not so much from the SIMA itself, but from the individual members.
    However with out SIMA I would not have met them.
    SIMA is like any social or business group. You get out what you put in. I have , along with Brian,John,Ron,Vince and others have gone and met with other members, worked a trade show or two, and have helped with the training video, and symposium set ups. By doing this, we have had a chance to really get to know each other, and feel comfortable with business deatils and ideas.
    Funny thing is, get a group of local snow pros together and no one will discuss details, for fear of giving the competition to much info, but get a group together from different markets, and you cant shut them up.
    Because of SIMA I personally know factory reps from all major snow plow makers, and have their personal card. I have lines on equipment and products that I never knew about. I have SIMA discounts for the same.
    I have met the nicest execuative director, Tammy is great, and I suggest that you give her a call, if you feel that you are missing something from SIMA 814-456-9550
    As far as the de-icer goes, with out SIMA I would still be using sand salt, and know nothing about magic or liquid deicers of any kind.
    the snow and ice industry in General is based on public not private plowers, so with out SIMA alot of people may not get the info regarding new ideas and practices.
    And as a side note, I have the oportunity to expand into the 6 figures this season in total sales, and that is before the snow flies. If that isnt tangable, I dont know what is.
    Some people are just pesimsits, and it sounds like you are towards SIMA, but may I ask what have you done for yourself to get more out of SIMA? Did you go to a trade show and work a booth? Have you attended a symposium, or plan to next year? Are you willing to get involved with training, and promotional items?
    as far as the web site is concerned, we have all voiced disappointment with it, so I talked with Tammy today, and a new one is being developed, so keep checking, and it sounds like it will be sweet.
    I hope something in this post will convince you to stay a member, and show at least one thing that SIMA can do for you.
  5. iowastorm

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    Yes SIMA does bring along of people together and it's great for the networking. And, as a new member, it's a place where a person can find more resources to learn more about equipment, de-icers, etc. But in my opinion, I think this forum is even more benefitial, because we can all correspond
    and learn from each other. One thing is that many of you guys are from the East Coast, and I wish more people participated in this forum from the Midwest. Glad to hear the SIMA website is going to be redone.
  6. Alan

    Alan Member
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    Well, I've got to second the stuff that Dino talks about. I'm not one to join groups as a rule. But I have been to two of the three symposiums so far and that is where the learning is,, the other members. As far as SIMA itself, it is just a means to an end. That end being educationa nd sharing of ideas. Hopefully, at some point SIMA will be a force in the industry that will allow us to gain stature, not as individuals but as a trade.

    In all truth, though, I have gotten as much from this forum as any other medium.

    I'll stay in SIMA, but I wouod really like to find some way to weed out the gross incompetents in the industry. I think the earlier signups were the most motivated and ethical. As we gain members we will be appealing to the bozos who want to ride on the association name.
  7. diggerman

    diggerman LawnSite Senior Member
    from Iowa
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    First of all in order for me to get together with more than one SIMA member I would have to have to pack up and travel at least according to the latest member roster.Secondly reguarding the ice management show in MAINE how far from the rest of the country could they put it unless they are gearing more toward the east coast market. Even Ohio might have been more attractive,I go to trade shows all over,Las Vegas,Nashville,Louiville,but Maine? As for getting out what you put in I already put in, most of the time when you pay dues to an organization the provide some evidence of the purpose for that money other than a Yearly booklet and bragging rights "hey Im a SIMA member hire me see I got the bumper sticker".Knowing that you and other "heavy snow" area plowers were involved in the making of the SIMA video far from impresses me because after the responses that have made on this forum you understand very little about how I do my snow.You have little intrest in learning from anyone else, although sadly many of the things you might learn from me would not apply where you are and vice versa. So now these benifits you are talking about. I have to come out to the coast and hangout with other SIMA members and talk? I can do that right here. This situation would be much like the dos and don't section of the SIMA web site,most of which is the opposite of what I teach my drivers,so trying to sit down and tell you how I do my snow would do very little for either of us. I am not against SIMA I am trying to find out what others are finding their money to be going toward.
  8. plowking35

    plowking35 LawnSite Bronze Member
    from S.E. CT
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    Well I am sorry you feel that way, next year the symposium will be in Denver, and oh by the way we had members from Sweden come to Portland, so dont tell me you were to far away.
    Also, the event was centered around the new Fisher plant that was just opened in Maine, Fisher is a very large contributor to SIMA and some consideration was given to them regarding the location for year 3.
    For the previous two years it was held in Pittsburg, and that was much closer to you, and can get discount tickets to fly anywhere. Yes I have been lucky, I have driven to the symposiums thus far, but I will book a flight to Denver next year. have you ever been to Maine, some of the most beutifull land God created, so see it before you trash it.
    Since you are so well versed in all apects of snow removal, I would have to agree with you that you dont need SIMA. You obviously know it all, and could never benifit from anything I or anyone else would say. I never present myself as an expert in snow removal, all I do is pass along what I have learned, and hope it helps someone. If it doesnt help you, well you know best.
    the two or three binders you recieved and member discounts wont help you either, since they dont relate to how you plow snow. New methods of ice control doesnt relate to you either since where you are from ice and snow melts differently.
    And when I have I ever said that I cant learn from anyone else, please by all means impart your wisdome to me.
    Have you seen the video, if not, then why do trash it, and if so, perhaps you could impart some new ideas to help with the next one.
    There are members of SIMA that do well over a million in snow removal a year, one with less than 6" on season. If a conversation with that person doesnt shed some light on how to better manage your own company than you surely know it all.
    John Allin who recently started posting here, has snow removal down to an art. he understands and teaches how to put an effective snow removal and responce operation into place. Pick his brain for ideas. these are the quality people you meet with. If none of that matters, then you are truly all set in snow removal. One thing that I must point out, in these other trade shows, how many of your fellow members do you really know. Not many, 1000's of people walking around, bumping into you, and you never really get to say hi.At the SIMA symposium, it is really personal, most people know each other by name and small round table discusions are everywhere. i persoanlly get more from that, then anything else. the SIMA management is top notch, and will do everything possible to help you out. I can say that with out a doubt, the exec director tammy and Peggy are 2 of the biggest reasons I respect SIMA so much. Call Tammy, see if she can help you.
    From your tone in this thread, I doubt anything will change your mind, and I for my part have probably just wasted a 1/2 hr of my time, but I do so because I think SIMA is worth it, and if I will give my time to something than it must be a good idea. AND THAT IS AS TANGABLE AS IT GETS
  9. Aspen Snow

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    SIMA over the past two years has doubled if not triple or snow plowing revenue. It works for us and we support the association all the way.
  10. GeoffDiamond

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    I have had a SIMA application on my desk for too long now. I am going to fill it out a join. I didn't make the convension in portland, because i was in alaksa on vacation. I believe SIMA has a value, however it isn't very reconized yet in maine, i believe it will be soon.

    Diggerman, don't dish on maine, Its my home state born and raised, lived in the same town all my life.


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