Simazine (cheapness) vs Barricade (quality) 1st round?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by sedge, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. sedge

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    We all know Simazine is really cheap, but I am wondering if it is worth the money. Here's why, if your a little late with your second round of pre-emergents (Barricade or Dimension), the increase of new weed growth and spot spraying, will not make it as cost effective if you went straight with the Barricade in the first place.

    One can have a more expensive app if it cuts down on call backs and spot spraying, that's a duh and back packing is a big time killer. However, if you go with Simazine first and then Barricade later, you are actually getting 2 pre-emergents. Is it worth it though?

    Might even still do a split app of Barricade in rounds 2 & 3 instead of full rate or could go with Dimension for some post control.

    Thanx guys

  2. LawnDawg65

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    I think you are confusing the 2, we are basicly in th same zone. I use simazine now for winter grassy and broadleaf weed control, I use dimension for my crabgrass pre-emergent the first of March.
  3. xtremelawn

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    I am also using Simazine now 2nd app. did the first one in late Sept. early Oct. I also do a split app of the DG Aquacap for crabgrass. The fisrt treatment i am doing now and the second i will be doing in mid March to early April. You say you do your Crabgrass app the first of March. I am pretty new to this chemical stuff i am going off a chart my Lesco dealer gave me. Am i putting my app out to early and does Dimension do a better job?

  4. fertguy2008

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    Here in Georgia we reccomend Simazine as a pre-emergent to be completed by December 15th to finish the year. that way it does its job, prevents po annua and onions. If you are doing split apps., round 1 starts up around January 20th with Pre-m or Barricade. Also, if you are doing split apps. remember round 1 does not have to get you more than 60 days. Round 2 we reccomend a higher rate of Barricade or Dimension be completed by mid-April since they will last longer and pull you through the summer.
    If you are trying to do a single app. then you should go with the highest rate of dimension completed by end of March.
  5. evergreenedmond

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    We use simizine for our Fall apps. & switch over to barricade for our late winter & early spring apps. I have tried many different combos of pre-m's in the spring & for our clay soil in OKC the 2 apps. of barricade seem to give the best crabgrass control. I see you're here in OKC, if you have any questions about vendors or anything else PM me.

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