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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by PHS, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. PHS

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    I have an area that I'm thinking about using Simazine on but I can't get my hydraulic sprayer to it. Is it possible to use it with a backpack sprayer? I'm wondering about the amount of agitation needed to keep it suspended.

    Second question, how well does it work for winter weed control? I would be applying it in October to carry through till February.
  2. hmartin

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    Does your backpack sprayer have agitation? Simizine works great on many winter annual when applied in October here in MS.

    I wouldn't be afraid of putting it out with a backpack sprayer in small areas.
  3. PHS

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    I have one Shindaiwa BP that has a little paddle inside that moves up and down when you pump it. That's about the extent of the agitation. I've used Dithane and Surflan in it without problems. How does Simizine compare to Surflan?
  4. (wi) Roots

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    Surflan is great for st. aug, and cint. grass. However, if you plan to use simazine on this type of turf Don't. Simazine will prevent root development. Try Pindimethin.
  5. PHS

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    I meant, how does simizine compare to surflan in terms of how easy it is to keep in suspension not how well it works. It's really the only flowable I've used in a backpack so the only thing I can compare simizine to. I agree, I've had really good results with surflan in the past. This year I switched to Prodiamaine for grass control because I got a really good deal on some. When it runs out I may go with surflan again.
  6. greendoctor

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    Simazine settles very quickly. With a backpack hand sprayer, it would be good if you are walking fast as you are spraying so the liquid is being shifted around with every step. What kind of nozzle are you using for the simazine? I normally spray mine through an AI or XR Teejet tip. I do not ever want to be caught swinging an adjustable tip on the end of the wand like a homeowner or farmer in a third world country.
  7. hmartin

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  8. PHS

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    Green, I use flat fan nozzles too for just about everything. I like the XR nozzles but haven't used the AI's. Actually I was planning on putting some on my next order. Hypro has a couple AI nozzles that I want to try.

    I like the booms too. Fast and accurate. I'd like to rig one up with one of those Teejet quick cap things so I can disassemble it quickly.
  9. treemonkey

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    I have been spraying research plots for over twenty years with backpack or hand held spray tanks. I have used wettable powders such as Dacthall and Simizine many times without problems.

    There are some things to be aware of. The powder forms are very messy and it is useful to premix them in a small bucket first rather than just dump the powder in your tank (it can clump and not dissolve). The granular or liquid formulas are easier to use.

    As far as settling goes, I don't think it is that big of a concern. You mix it up and apply it right away. The movement on your back or from your hand will keep it mixed o.k.. Every few minutes, I give it an extra shake to slosh it around a bit more. It doesn't settle in a few minutes and clog your intake screen. Leave it sit for a half hour or more without agitating it and then you might have some problems. Even then, a good shake will usually get it back in suspension.

    Clean your equipment well after each use.

    Re:, your second question. I see no reason it should not maintain it's preemergent activity in your winter environment. If anything, it might last longer due to cooler temperatures and maybe more cloudy conditions.
  10. yardprospraying

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    I agree with you treemonkey. We use simizine & prodiamine mix, and always slurry them in an empty 2 1/2 gal jug. We spray a lot of low volume applications with a prolawn sprayer (8-10 gal per acre), and I've notice it will settle in the bottom of the tank even with agitation if you do not "pre-mix" it. We even slurry it in our 200 gal skids as well, because they only have jet & bypass agitation. We have a bean sprayer with paddles for r.o.w. apps, and we just dump the straight bags of krovar, oust, or about any other dry flowable we are spraying. We are even considering buying bean sprayers for our lawn apps, then you can dump your fert right in without any problems disovling it.


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