Simpicity 27HP 4WD with loader

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by shawnster, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. shawnster

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    I recently bought a 27HP 4WD Simplicity tractor with loader bucket and box blade. Best subcompact loader I have ever run. The bucket loader is smooth as anything I have ever been on, and I worked at a rock quarry opperating loaders for 10 years. The bucket loader also has a quick release system that I can have the whole loader package off by my self in 2 minutes. It has afully hydromatic trans that works back and forth with a foot peddle , I can where out a 30HP strait drive JD or Yanmar as far as moving material goes. I use it for squeesing in and out of small places on the job works great. Any way just thought I would put it out on the table and see what evry one thinks about it or what they have.

  2. Smalltimer1

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    Is it a Legacy XL? Those have the fast attach loaders.
  3. shawnster

    shawnster LawnSite Member
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    Yes it is Legacy XL. I had on older modle before the XL it was a 20HP 2WD tractor w/loader and it was not a bad machine but it is night and day with the XL.

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