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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by cenlo, Oct 19, 2011.

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    I was winterizing a system recently (with compressed air) and started running thru the zones via the timer.........well for some reason the timer is not working (could be the rain sensor) I manually opened the valves. Problem is I can't find one of the valve boxes so the system is 1/2 done. The timer is old and we may just put in a pro-c in the spring.....but for now.....

    can I remove the 24vac wires going into the timer unit and attach them directly to the 2 zones wires in the control box to fire each valve?

    thanks in advance
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    That would fire the valves. As a precaution, I would have an inline fuse of 1-2 amps just in case of a short or ground in one of the remaining solenoids. It would not make any difference in which wire you had the fuse. Either the "hot" or the common. CYA if you know what I mean.

    Or you could use a locator if you had one. (Best case scenario).


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    I always carried a plug-in 24 v. transformer just in case I had clock problems. Won't help if the field wiring/solenoids are tits, though.
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    We think tits (*)(*) are great!
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    :dizzy: All the time I've spent on here building credibility for the oft-maligned Florida irrigationist, and all it takes is one guy...:hammerhead:
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    Believe me, we trust you. The dork, nope, he gets no help even if he asks a real question, which I doubt he's capable of.

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    You're all weird :dizzy:

    It must be the biz but it's yet to affect me.:)
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    As a thread heads into the sunset. :dizzy:


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