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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by muddstopper, Oct 14, 2003.

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    I started renovation of a lawn today, Homeowner build in a hayfield and is wanting the K31 removed and TTTF hydroseeded seeded. While removing the old grass I noticed grubs everywhere. My question is, What kind of problem, if any, will I have adding a grub control along with the hydroseeding mix and applying both at the same time? I realize that I will be removing most of the grubs along with the old grass and I am tilling under the soil and raking with a power rake, but I feel now would be a good time to tackle the grub problem before they get worse. I plan on seeding tomorrow if the rain will let me finish prep.
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    Several things to consider here. What did the K-31 look like before renovation. Remember that there is a threshold of 4-6 grubs per square foot before serious damage occurs. If the K-31 looked healthy before renovation then the turf type tall fescue should fair well when it germinates. The grubs are nearing the end of their fall feeding season when they do most of their damage, and will become lathargic as soil temps begin to drop. Yes the grubs will still be present in the spring, but the spring feed is short and usually without consequense as they prepare to morph into adult beatles. Possible problems with mixing grub control with Hydro mix, 1.) you will most likely be off label , and 2.) the product may well get bound in the tact which is designed to keep everything in place. Unless this is a large job(1 acre plus) just apply granular Dylox seperately if you are concerned about the grubs.
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    Thanks for the reply. I was a little concerned about the mulch holding the pesticide, hadnt though about the tack, and wasnt sure I wanted to try mixing up 1000 gal at a time, to much to figure out. The grass looked like $#@! but just building a new home and mounds of dirt everywhere didnt really pay that much attention to the condition of the grass before I started ripping it up, mostly crabb grass anyways. Getting cold outside tonite, with all of the grass ripped up just might freeze the little buggers to death. LOL. Area is 1 1/2 acres probably be best to treat during reg. fert apps. next year.

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